Monday, February 12, 2018

Kansas City Parking Crackdown Spin

In news that our blog community put on blast FIRST . . . Here's continued explanation for CITY HALL PARKING SHOCK TROOPS . . .

Kansas City trying to solve parking problems in growing downtown area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Kansas City's downtown continues to grow, city hall is looking for solutions to help its growing pain - parking or the lack thereof. Just ask Rolonda Saulsberry, who works at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance in the Crossroads. "Downtown, at least 15 years ago, was very desolate.


Anonymous said...

Just another reason to avoid downtown if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +1,000 -
Went to a different school so not a KU alum, therefore Power and Light means nothing to me. Been there once, spent an hour, used the toilet, so I did everything there was to do, never need to go back.

Likewise, rode the Streetcar once, said "Whee", no reason to ever do that again.

City Market was sort of cool and funky fifteen or twenty years ago, dead now except for freaks, hipsters and wannabes.

Crossroads still has a little bit going on, but weekends have become ridiculous.

Now I tend to hang out where there's something going on, OP, NKC, The Hill, etc. - so don't worry City Hall, I won't be contributing to your parking problem, and from the number of people who I see enjoying those other places, it's going to resolve itself really soon.

Anonymous said...

Same 'ole backwards cause and effect created by KCMO city hall.
A vibrant attractive area has lots of people enjoying themselves, working, and living there, making causing some inconveniences and increased costs.
THEREFORE if you make a place artificially inconvenient and more expensive, you've somehow created an attractive vibrant location.
Downtown KCMO increasingly has all the costs and inconveniences WITHOUT any attractive reasons to be there.
5:34 am is right.
That's why the endless empty hype and ridiculous claims just keep on coming from 12th and Oak and the Downtown Council swells and wannabes.
The city that never sleeps!

Anonymous said...

^^^Blah blah blah. You shut-ins have not been downtown in decades. You fool no one. Go back to bed.