Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Kansas City New Kemper Coming Soon!!!

This City Hall scheme plans on metro parents to drag their youngsters down to the railroad tracks to play hoops . . . Here's the lead-up:

New Kemper Arena takes shape, on schedule to reopen in September 2018

Breaking News Kansas City, MO - Construction continues on the repurposed Kemper Arena in the city's West Bottom. Opening is set for September of this year according to developer Steve Foutch. Groundbreaking took place last September on what will become multi-use sports complex for adult and youth sports, that will feature office and business space as well as a health clinic.


Anonymous said...

Actually youth sports is huge. Kemper is sort of the middle of the metro. As stupid as it sounds, it might actually work.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this is a roaring success for the Foutch Bros., and for KC in general.

Anonymous said...

this might be a most pleasant surprise.