Friday, February 16, 2018

Kansas City Movie Night Redux

More deets on an important local grindhouse project that hopes to cultivate the NextGen of local moviemakers. Take a look at a worthwhile write-up on a rare class local creative who actually offer a work product:

4FKC: Bringing Kansas City filmmakers into the spotlight

The lights dim as the 131 seat theater fills up. Up next are13 short films with one purpose: To prove that Kansas City has a rich film community. Matthew Dunehoo, a writer and director, from Kansas City, created the 4KC film festival and hosts the monthly viewing on the first Friday of every month.


Anonymous said...

Show and Tell for unemployed dregs who wouldn't make a pimple on a Hollywood producer's arse. Let keep encouraging that they remain bumbs!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Where's your movie?

Anonymous said...

@7:24AM WTF is a "bumb?" You are one dumb geezer. That's for sure.