Monday, February 05, 2018

Kansas City Morning Movies

Quick collection of some top KANSAS CITY LOCAL CLIPS to start our day. Take a look:

Winter Wishing For Summer Drinking

Kansas City Snow Drive Timelapse

Caffeinated Kansas City Weekend Cruze

All things considered, a nice look at local video life in the dead of Winter.

More to see in just a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

"Why Shoot In Kansas City" - may want to re-think that one.

Anonymous said...

Harley Plant non-news:

SCOOP! The Harley plant is NOT closing for like a year and a half. The workers have plenty of time to find good replacement jobs and leave before the plant actually closes. It is not armageddon!
It's a non-story.

Anonymous said...

Just curious about the so-called driverless vehicle, would it know what to do in a skid with snow on the pavement? What about the speed of the vehicle, would it adjust speed during a snowstorm?

Anonymous said...

Because shooting is what Kansas City people do. Drive-bys and baby killings are our specialty.