Saturday, February 03, 2018

Kansas City Metro News Link Gathering

Right now let's take a look at news from throughout the greater Kansas City area with this link blast that helps us sort the important items even faster . . .

Fox4 Reports More Charges Confronting Formerly Local Doc: Metro woman comes forward with new allegations against former Children’s Mercy doctor accused of sexual misconduct

Examiner Reveals Meth Town Drug Ring: Meth conspiracy snares local residents

LS Tribune Lists Low Rent 1st Responders: Lee's Summit Police, Fire And Public Safety Workers Pay At The Bottom

Kansas City Hobo Crime Continues: Homeless man charged with 2016 Independence homicide has been sentenced

Same As The Old Boss: No Policy Shift From Brownback, But Kansas Gov. Colyer Looks To Make Quick Mark

Show-Me Tax Cut Double Cross: Missouri's tax cut proposal brings downside to businesses

Comment From The Competition: John Elway is glad Alex Smith is leaving the division

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Wut up with the two dead bodies they found in the Tat shop on W.39th St last night?

Anonymous said...

Like the shirt better without the 816/913 crap