Monday, February 19, 2018

Kansas City Gangland Shooting Calling

Phone follow-up of a horrific weekend hip-hop shooting. More on this later but for now this story with worth a look:

Voicemail captures chaos following deadly gang-related shooting in Kansas City, KS

Police suspect that a weekend shooting in Kansas City, KS that left one dead and seven injured was gang-related. The shooting happened Saturday night at a packed venue for a local musician. Police say one of the victims died at a hospital and that seven others sustained injuries that weren't life-threatening.


Anonymous said...

First of all, what the fuck do people think happens at hip hop and rap events in a shithole building in shithole KCK? Anything good? Second of all, who gives a fuck how many of them shoot each other?

Anonymous said...

The coloreds ruin everything

Anonymous said...

Life's tough when Mama's a crack whore.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Like anyone could understand a word of their gibberish on a voicemail.
Except, "mo-fo" or "my baby daddy".

Anonymous said...

The article states the person shot was at a packed venue. The place looks like it would be full at just 50 people.

Also there was no bouncers or security at the hood infested place, what do you expect? Those guns will start popping at some point that's just the way those type of people are.

Rodrigez Sanchez said...

Niggas be niggas killin niggas, I though Blacks lives mattered?? Apparently not right? guess only when a cracker kills a nigga does a black life matter WTF!!