Kansas City Friday Night News Look Down

Right now we celebrate pr0n hottie single-mom Farrah taking on a global media company along with her recent lingerie work and closer to home we check these Kansas City MSM news links tonight.

Take a peek:

Ranking Kansas City Beef

Food Critics: The Best Burgers In Kansas City In 2018

Burgers are a classic KC menu item. "As a steak town, Kansas City has always had a lot of good burgers, too," Charles Ferruzza told host Gina Kaufmann on KCUR's Central Standard. Whether diners prefer a thin or thick patty - or something meatless - local menus have plenty of options.

Bedroom Community Building Up

Work continues on Brookside 51 complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Developer VanTrust broke ground on the new Brookside 51 complex near 51st and Oak back in 2015. Now, almost 3 years later, construction continues. The complex will include a Whole Foods grocery store, a 170 unit apartment structure, a student health center and a parking garage.

Local Ad Game Winning

Andrews McMeel Universal is a product of its Kansas City roots - Kansas City Business Journal

When John Andrews proposed basing Universal Press Syndicate in Kansas City, his co-founder, John McMeel, was skeptical. At the time, McMeel worked in New York, the hotbed of publishing. "I said New York is the place to go because it's where all the action is, but he convinced me that, 'Hey, we'll get our action.'

Get A KCMO Grocery Job!!!

New grocery store on Prospect looking to hire dozens of employees during weekend job fair

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new grocery store on Prospect Avenue expects to hire dozens of workers Saturday from the surrounding neighborhood. Neighbors on the east side are getting their first look inside the new Sunfresh store at the Linwood Shopping Center. There hasn't been a grocery store operating at the center in more than ten years.

Kansas Outsiders Join Pranksters In Political Gambit Joking Guv Contest

2 men from Oregon say they plan to run for Kansas office

Breaking News TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The arts editor and theater critic at an Oregon weekly paper say they plan to run for governor and lieutenant governor of Kansas. Editor Bob Keefer and critic Rick Levin of the Eugene Weekly say they mailed a notarized affidavit of candidacy to the state on Feb.

Show-Me Last Picture Show

Why aren't big-budget movies filmed in Missouri anymore? Money.

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" is shaping up as the film to beat at this year's Academy Awards. The comedy-drama written and directed by Martin McDonagh and released by Fox Searchlight Pictures is nominated for seven Oscars and has scored big in competitions leading up to Hollywood's big night March 4.

Lifestyle Mag Talks With EPIC Crooner

Then Along Comes Cetera

Peter Cetera It's a world of homogenous singing voices in today's pop music. But Peter Cetera has one of the most distinctive voices in rock history in an era that was full of them. From 1969 to 1985, Cetera played bass and was one of the three lead vocalists for Chicago, which was deservedly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

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  1. That's hawt.

  2. Best burger article is of interest, burgers are an art.
    Unlike BBQ which is just over cook it and smothered in seasoning or sauce, hard to screw it up.

  3. Would love to see the applicants that grocery store attracts.

  4. Blows my mind.. Years ago there was a "revitalization" at linwood and prospect... Then they couldn't keep a thrift way open, should have called it theft way. They tore down an ornate 100 year old building for A suburban style strip mall. Now that strip mall has pot holes all in the parking lot, is 75 percent shuttered and now gets more millions thrown at it to do the same damn thing again. When will the grift end and people stop bending over for racial Grievance. When will afro americans demand better for themselves. In 10 years that grocer will be closed down.

  5. 10 years, I give it less than 3.


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