Friday, February 09, 2018

Kansas City Friday Night News Links

Tonight we continue our dedication to hottie Allison - The 6-foot-tall lady pr0n star who continues her career hustle.

And then we look toward news closer to home . . .

Kansas City Internets Radio Days

Northeast Newscast episode 42 - a chat w/ One KC Radio founder Gunard Polite

On this week's episode of Kansas City's Northeast Newscast, managing editor Paul Thompson sits down with Gunard Polite, founder of One Kansas City Radio, to talk about the genesis of the non-profit radio station, the alliances he would like to forge in the Historic Northeast community, his own music influences (and DJ career) growing up in Chicago, and One Kansas City Radio's partnership with the Kansas City Museum.

Newsflash: Council & Mayor Fight!!!

KC Council's frustration shows before 8-5 vote on MOU with KCI developer Edgemoor

Kansas City Council members expressed their opinions leading up to voting on the memorandum of understanding with KCI airport developer Edgemoor at city hall. Video by John Sleezer and Steve Vockrodt/The Kansas City Star

Local Consumer Fear Report

New accuser for concrete concrete contractor facing felony case

There's a new accuser for a concrete contractor already facing a felony case. Bob Williams faces six felony counts for taking money from three different families for a job and not doing the work. His new accuser says he did the same thing to her while his current case is pending.

Kansas City Voting Coming Soon
Candidates prepare for April election
Suburban Suspect TV Spotlight
Roeland Park man arrested on suspicion of stealing checks
Celebrate Horny Kansas City

After 40 Years Playing Jazz In Kansas City, Trumpeter Stan Kessler's At The Top Of His Game

Anyone who's stepped inside a Kansas City jazz club during the past several decades has probably run into Stan Kessler, the impish trumpeter known for amusing pranks and soulful solos. Kessler has played music in Kansas City for 40 years, serving as the jazz scene's crafty institutional memory and passionate conscience.

Fear The Weekend Snowpocalypse

Snow expected to arrive in Kansas City Saturday night and accumulate

We are on the eve of another chance for snow, but this time it's different. "The set up is different. Yet, it looks eerily familiar," StormTrack5 Meteorologist Brett Anthony said. Saturday's chance of snow resembles a storm that hit us just before Christmas.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Fink really is a Fink.

Anonymous said...

Leaves the courtroom where he's answering charges of fraud, goes straight over to another victim's home and fraudulently takes her money. Cojones or dumbass??

New rule: if you smile or smirk for your mugshot, you go right to the sentencing phase of your case.