Monday, February 05, 2018

Kansas City Foodies Of The Future

As our blog community denizens begin to scramble to find V-Day plans, here's a bit of back story on local chefs and fake just a bit of class for your date and/or prostitute:

5 Innovators Shaping Kansas City's Culinary Scene

Every year in our annual Tastemakers issue, we say that there's never been as much creativity or energy in the local restaurant scene as there is right now - and every year it's true. That's because the volume of talent and innovation we see year after year only continues to grow and flourish.


Anonymous said...

I still haven’t decided which slut I’m going to fuck for V-day. It’s over a week away anyway.

FU said...

^^^ Don't worry stud. We all know that Rosie Palms is the only woman who would ever have a guy with a winning personality like you.

Anonymous said...

And this is why so many Restaurants go out of business in their first two years.