Monday, February 05, 2018

Kansas City Consumer News Car Seat Check

To be fair, there were some really great promo commercials for this report that actually made it seem like something newsworthy. Instead it's just a bit of pesky consumer news pretending to play watchdog whilst probably rethinking career choices . . . Take a look: Hired drivers let baby ride without car seat


Anonymous said...

OOOhhhh what a scoop.

Are there any leftover Pulitzers lying around?

Regis Patoff said...

This is Horsehockey!

Why should these Drivers be held responsible for the actions of the Child's Parent?

I can see the driver contacting the Police and charges being filed against the Parent for "Attempted Child Abuse", and one can make the argument that the Driver should refuse to provide service, but why is Channel 41 demonizing these Drivers?


Anonymous said...

If they go ballistic over child safety, how come there are no seat belts on school buses?

Anonymous said...

Were the drivers payed for there time and trouble or was this a free News story?

Anonymous said...

Slow news day.

The kid used in the story was the brat that belonged to some woman with some obscure "Mom's safety group" with a population of ONE.
The drivers were wrong to accept the fare if they knew clearly they were crossing into Kansas with regulations on child safety, note Missouri doesn't.
Yes the "parents" a reporter and an assistant that were not the kids real parents were wrong to try it.

Anonymous said...

"Renly?" Really? Is that the soccer mom equivalent of D'Andre?

Anonymous said...


If public transportation or "for hire" is required to force seat belt use, then the city buses would have to do the same. Seems to me.

Anonymous said...

The east side should require bullet proof child car seats.