Friday, February 09, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs Footballer Tamba Hali Reports Car Stolen In Westport And Rediscovered With Tech

Sadly, it seems that the embattled party district poses problems for even the most formidable local star . . . Thankfully, a phone app helped him rediscover his lost vehicle:

Tamba Hali's car is stolen, uses an app to locate it

Warning: Do not steal Tamba Hali 's car So I woke up to my white Mercedes ML 350 stolen downtown Kansas City Westport to be specific. If you see pls report thanks.- Tamba Hali (@TambaHali91) February 9, 2018 Some idiot did not heed that warning and went ahead and stole his car.


Anonymous said...

Tamba isn’t very smart and anyway he is too old to be going to Westport

Anonymous said...

He speaks the language better than Tony.

"The seems that the embattled party district poses problems"


Anonymous said...

^^^ Maybe to you, Pal, but the rest of us can speak English.

Anonymous said...

Got his first pair of shoes when he was sixteen--his story is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I like Tamba. But he should rethink where he parties!

Anonymous said...

Is there a downtown Westport? I'm only familiar with the midtown Westport.