Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kansas City Casino Toy Train Streetcar???

Another great money losing idea for local taxpayers as hype continues for a rail line the craps out in the bad weather . . .

KC Streetcar considers extending line to Isle of Capri Casino - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is considering extending its planned northern route to the Isle of Capri Casino. The idea, an outgrowth of the original feasibility study for the streetcar's riverfront extension, would add an additional mile of track east connecting the casino to Berkley Riverfront Park.


Optimistic Cynic, Jr. said...

This would make it far easier for the Homeless Panhandlers to get to the Casino to gamble away the handouts enabling jerks give them so the donors can feel better about themselves!

Hope the City Council jumps on this idea quickly and holds a Special Election quickly enough so that Tom Gerund's butt can be covered and he doesn't start incurring the $1,000/day fines for wasting City Tax Dollars filling out Applications and crap for this pipedream.

Keep flopping around, Kansas City, you'll find some way to make this Streetcar farce pay for itself!
OH, WAIT - you dumbasses don't charge anything to ride, do you?
Guess this mess will never go away unless some measure of sanity strikes at 12th & Oak!

Anonymous said...

And this would be different from a much cheaper series of free shuttle buses because?

Anonymous said...

Here are our geniuses spending other people's money for something completely out of import for the average Kansas City citizen. Is this really the best thinking of the ATA currently. Is everybody about ready to hit the gong on this preposterous priority without a clue?

Kansas, Sly, Troy, and Tom, Joe are going to keep doing this kind of thing until you take back the checkbook. Every time you think they pulled a bs move, they top it. If this goes unchallenged, then there should be a house cleaning across the board. I almost react like it is April fool's day, but it isn't. Council, if you don't hit this idea with a hammer, then don't expect another chapter forward in your political careers, time for a complete house cleaning

Anonymous said...

Gambling is a tax on stupid people, so this is a shuttle for stupid people, by stupid people, with stupid priorities, that spend stupidly