Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Kansas City 18th & Vine Jazz District Closer To Making Boozy Comeback???

The roots of this locale and the jazz age overall speak to American snubbing their nose at cultural norms and prizing creativity & good times over traditional values . . . And so faith community complaints are being politely ignored politicos seem to realize that museums & history won't pay the bill in this part of of town. More booze seems to be the best shot & recouping more than $100-million worth of cash spent over recent years. Read more:

Advisory panel recommends loosening liquor ordinance in Jazz District

An advisory panel thinks it should be easier to have a drink in Kansas City's historic Jazz District. The city has invested more than $25 million to attract businesses to 18th and Vine. But for restaurant and tavern operators there is a stumbling block.


Anonymous said...

Give it up, it's not going to happen!

Tracy Thomas said...

Make that $125 million, not $25 mil.

Is this a secret plot by Bill Nigro, to divert black party folk to 18th & Vine, away from the country western loving partiers in Westport?

Separate, but equal pours for all.

A dreadful idea, but keep meeting, folks. This all started when Carol Coe and Emanuel Cleaver demanded a set-aside of $20 million for "their" 18th & Vine, in order to support other tax spending around the City. So far, the lug is $125 million. The City should walk away and cut their losses. Jazz is over. And white women will not go to 18th & Vine, unless Eric Greitens ties them up with duct tape and drags them there.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Now that was in poor taste and slanderous at best, where is your proof Tracy?

Anonymous said...

SAVE WESTPORT! Move the booze and drug thugs to 18th & Vine.

Tracy Thomas said...

9:05, what's past is prologue.

Greitens gets his sexual kicks from performing in a taboo space. Like his basement, while his wife is in labor at the hospital. Using duct tape for B&D, bondage and domination. So I'm just speculating.

If Greitens got the sense that 18th & Vine also would provide him with the thrills of danger, from gunfire, (we saw his fascination with guns in his previous campaign ads), well, it's quite possible he'd make an appearance there next.

#Fifty Shades of Greitens

Maybe more evidence of his utter unsuitability for elected office will come out this week, since the St. Louis grand jury is investigating him...Or maybe he will ask his taxpayer-paid Gubernatorial staffers to call me (illegally) from the Missouri capitol, to try to scare me off. I'll let you know.

Hyperblogal said...

With the money heading down this rat hole, it's not the patron's that need booze, it's the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to loosen booze laws then create a NO BOON zone where the effects will be more positive.

DeBergerac said...

Tracey, you give him too much credit.
Thee aren't "Fifty Shades of Greitens" - as shady as he is, here are only six or seven shades, ten at most, he simply doesn't have that much substance.

And yes, you can call me "Cyrano" if you wish, but I'd much prefer Savinien to the formality of a patronymic, at least between the two of us.

Tracy Thomas said...

11:29, I'll be back after I read the book!

Anonymous said...

Tracy is it safe to say you do not go under tables in the 18th Vine district, but you do in Westport ?