Kangaroo Life Lesson: UMKC Student Parking Has Always Sucked And Is Getting Worse

Nice bit of real life student journalism offers a ton of info and a welcomed reality check about the city college and one of the biggest difficulties in earning a degree . . . Surviving traffic troubles, crime and other nightmare scenarios associated with parking . . . Sadly, the proposed toy train streetcar would only make the problem worse. Read more: Student Parking: A look at student safety


  1. What a bunch of pussies. If you're complaining about driving and parking in Kansas City you've obviously lived in a far suburban bubble your entire life. Parking several blocks away and WALKING to your destination is NORMAL in MOST CITIES.

    1. You don’t get it. If you’re a male student, you are in a hurry to suck the next dick on your list. If you are a female student , you are dressed like a slut and looking to get fucked. In either case, adequate parking is essential.

  2. Haha. True. I did overlook those minor details. True, very true.

  3. Yeah, when the streetcar extension goes to UMKC, the entire area around 51st and Brookside boulevard will turn into a park and ride lot from suburbanites who want to drive, park and take a free streetcar to avoid downtown parking fees. It will be a real nuisance for students and people who own houses in that neighborhood. Just watch what happened to City Market parking after the streetcar.

  4. Yea...ugh...when you're a student who...ugh...does...ugh. I'm going to shit!!!!! Ugh. I'm shitting myself over this!!! Ugh...Ugh...

  5. implement free valet parking.

  6. ^^Good shit dued. Keep it going!

  7. Use a bicycle like I did when I was in college.

  8. 1:20 it's Tony's show here you miscreant and if you don't like it just go the hell away.

    Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit.


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