Is Kansas Politico Tyler Tannahill Convincing In His Argument For AR-15 Raffle?!?!

Check the conversation surrounding a gun giveaway that has earned national rebuke . . . The talk regarding this issue is actually rather thoughtful on both sides.


Kansas congressional candidate Tyler Tannahill defends continuing his campaign's AR-15 giveaway in the wake of of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, saying, "I do support the Second Amendment in the hard times and the bad."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. If I didn't already have a few of them I would enter the raffle.

  2. I am going to buy one soon, really, no shit. Fuck these Socialist scumbags.

  3. Whether or not he is convincing it was sort of a silly question. The man can obviously legally do it he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks . I support him in that position.

  4. Disarm black people and the net effect, would be a 80 to 90% decrease in gun violence.

    But, no one on the left is interested in the truth. As always, they never miss an opportunity to take advantage of a tragedy with politics.

    The US is 111th in the world - percapita in gun violence. The list of Socialist nations, with gun control laws that prohibit ANY possession of a firearm that are higher on the list, is way, way too long to list.

  5. I didn't think you could own guns or still buy them. I thought that Muslim O-Bam-a went door-to-door during his oppressive, authoritarian regime and took them all. Did I hear wrong? Seriously, you rubes fall for this every single time. You artificially inflated the price of guns and ammo on yourselves do to your overwhelming paranoia. I guarantee you gun makers privately donate to Democrat candidates because it is great for their business when they are in office due to your unwarranted paranoia. How much food do you still have stocked up from Y2K?


  6. I blame the public school system for ALL the school shootings, they knew just as much about these people as their parents did!

    If your child is not a criminal when they go into public school, they will be a criminal when they get out or at least have problems. Public schools are the worst!

    Remember when Obama called all of the shootings " workplace violence" no big deal to him that's what all radical muslims do, and he is a radical muslim!

  7. None.

    But I've got plenty of ammo.

    Rube = someone who just won't buy into the "Narrative" and knows that as time goes by, more and more idiots like 6:35 want Americans disarmed, emasculated and neutered in anticipation of demographic change and the ever increasing power of the Central Government.


    Get more guns, quick! You and your kids will need them, the entire nation, is becoming a coast to coast Rorke's Drift.

    They killed us and they will kill you too.

  8. Obama is a lying, traitor, piece of shit, no wonder you Libs love him so much.

  9. Honestly, I thought both guys handled it pretty well.

    Hey Indian Creek Hate Victims, no one cares about your shotgun and hunting rifle you douche. But the shit that can fire off 30 rounds + in an extremely short period of time and is generally used to fight wars....if you think you need a gun like this you've got some mental issues. You're the same weirdo preaching that I have to have them in case I need to rise up against the government. Go join a fucking Mexican cartel or something pretend soldier. They oughta just ban all these weapons, give people a certain amount of time to turn them in for a monetary reimbursement and if you get caught with one you go to jail for a minimum period of time. These types of guns will be non-existent on the street in less than 10 years.

  10. 9:04 Please come and get mine shithead.

  11. 9:04 - idiot.

    First, the AR-15 is not a machine-gun or an "assault weapon." The AR-15 is a semi-automatic version of the M-16, which is a machine gun. However, in Vietnam, the military found that troops with early versions of the M-16 were using fully-automatic "spray and pray" fire – and often failing to hit the enemy. So when the M-16 was redesigned in the early 1980s, its fully automatic rate of fire was reduced to three-shot bursts, forcing troops to actually aim rather than hip-fire. But any fully-automatic fire is simply not an option for the civilian AR-15.

    Second, the idea that the AR-15 is some kind of horrifically powerful weapon is absurd. In its most common chambering, the 5.56 NATO, the AR-15 is actually underpowered compared to traditional American battle rifles like the M1873 "Trapdoor" in .45-70 or the M1903 Springfield in .30-06. The AR-15 is a .22-caliber centerfire. When its M-16 counterpart was introduced in Vietnam, it was derided as a "mouse gun" and a "poodle-shooter." Many troops were dismayed when their .30-caliber M-14s were replaced with the new rifle.

    Indeed, the M-16 and AR-15 rifle suffered a poor reputation for a couple of decades after its introduction in Vietnam, in part because ammunition issued by the Army resulted in malfunctions and jams, causing the deaths of a number of troops during firefights with the Viet Cong.

    Third, those who contend that "no one goes hunting with an assault rifle" have betrayed the fact that they are probably not hunters themselves, or, if they are hunters, they're decades out of date. The modular nature of the AR-15 makes it easily adaptable for a variety of hunts in numerous calibers. Short-barreled AR-15s in .450 Bushmaster or 7.62x39 have become the number-one choice for Southern hog-hunters, while Western prairie dog-hunters can install a 26" "varmint" barrel in .204 Ruger or .223 Remington for unparalleled long-distance accuracy. And calibers such as .223, .300 Blackout, and 6.8 SPC are perfect for Texas deer or medium-sized eastern whitetails. The AR-15 platform is so ideally suited for hunting that in 2015, Remington, the oldest maker of sporting arms in the U.S., discontinued its inferior 7400/750 series of semi-automatics after sixty years in production. The only semi-autos it manufactures for the hunting market today are AR platforms. (By the way... nobody uses a 30-round magazine to hunt; most states limit capacity to four or five rounds while hunting.)

    Banning the AR-15 to stop school shooters would be like banning Boeing 757s to stop terrorist attacks after 9/11. You've never heard anyone say, "Nobody needs to fly through the air at 600 mph. Look at how many people died because of those dangerous jetliners!" Would liberal journalists, who advocate repealing the Second Amendment and banning guns, agree to a repeal of the First Amendment and impose a ban on computers, digital cameras, and video cameras because child pornographers use them? I doubt it.

  12. +100000000000

  13. I guess none of the libtards remember the fair haired gay boy Kander and his thousands of dollars in commercials where he somehow wanted to demonstrate his expert qualifications by assembling an AR15 with a blindfold on. Now that shit was tasteless stupidity.

  14. Geesus 9:39. I don't think the guy called the AR-15 a machine gun. So what exactly classifies something as an assualt weapon then? And your second point is basically, hey the caliber of bullets on the AR-15 is not near as deadly as gun A, gun B, gun C and so on. Your argument is basically, it's a poor weapon of choice for war apparently. It's pretty damn effective at shooting up schools and nightclubs and such. I like the odds of the guy with the AR-15 over the conceal carry guy.

    The analogy about Boeing 757s is just stupid in so many ways I'm not even going to address that garbage except to say hijacking an airplane now a days is 1000x more difficult.

    I guess the solution is just hand out guns like candy because if you try to take them from some weirdo they'll lose their shit. yeah, you're a fucking weirdo if you that attached to your guns.

  15. ^^^ Dumb fuck spends three paragraphs telling others what they think so he can argue with his made up crap. Libtard First Class!!!


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