Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hottie Challenger Against Congressman Yoder Also Kansas City Tech Scene Entrepreneur

Here's local biz community celebration of the lady who could upset the incumbent Golden Ghetto politico with good looks and upbeat biz speak given that American politics is just a popularity contest among a collection of mostly really boring people working clandestinely for corporations.

Checkit . . .

Startland: Starty Pants podcast host Sharice Davids making bid to unseat Rep. Kevin Yoder


The entrepreneurial mindset and her own experience embracing uniquely American opportunities helped inspire Davids to launch a Democratic Congressional bid for Kansas’ 3rd District, now represented by Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, she said.

A 37-year-old Leavenworth-area native, Davids works as a corporate attorney in Shawnee, in addition to founding and operating Starty Pants with her brother, Josh. The interview-style podcast, which launched in October, has featured such Kansas City founders as Bek Abdullayev, Super Dispatch; Dan Smith, The Porter House KC; Carlanda McKinney, Raaxo; and Matt Baysinger, Breakout KC.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

She might be hot but she's still has to raise money to beat Yoder.

He has more than double than all of his opponents put together. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

Hottie....NOT, She looks like an egg head

Anonymous said...

It's a TOUGH business to break into. My bet Yoder holds the seat.

Tracy Thomas said...

She may be a Ho-Chunk lesbian, (those are facts, boys, from her press release), but she's no Pocohantas/Elizabeth Warren.

I wasn't aware we had any "corporate" lawyers in Shawnee, but then, I've only been active here since 1992. And we only have two buildings here that are three stories tall. None of them have law firm names in white lights spanning the tops of them. Which is "this is how we do it", in KCMO, eg Polsinelli etc.

In general, (and I've been involved in over 40 campaigns, including being the first woman to manage a mayoral campaign for KCMO in 1979), there are candidates who trained for the job--worked in their party, worked their way up, put in the time to learn how it works, to know all the players and all the issues--

and then there are the Resume Builders--
This category includes all the publicity whores, the narcissists, the rich enuf to just buy a seat, the entitlement placeholders from a minority clan including Freedom Inc, and finally the "I really need a day job" consultants, former councilmen treading water until they get appointed to a hoped-for judgeship, etc.

Remember Jim Kenworthy for Congress (KCMO Brooksider, never to be seen again?) I worked on that dreadful debacle in the primary bigger than a horse race at Ak-Sar-Ben. Fortunately, my friend, (and former NOW member) Alan Wheat became a good Congressman and beat out his 13 rivals in that campaign.

Here in Kansas we have the son of the Orman's 3 Day Mattress and Furniture Sale, GREG Orman. Narcissist from no party for Governor.

Six high school seniors and almost one dog--for Governor.

And now, Sharice "resume builder" Davids.

Tony, I appreciate your championing of the underdog. But Kevin Yoder is not the problem in America. He's the best Congressman Joco has had in decades, if not ever. He serves on the vital House Appropriations Committee.

Do you think Princess SummerFallWinterSpring, if elected, would be appointed to that? Hardly. Like Dennis Moore, she might make it to the "small business committee", where his only accomplishment was naming one post office. And I like Dennis, and gave him a FinderBinder media guide every year. But nice guys from the wrong party finish like most Olympic athletes--not on the podium.

Please, let's concentrate on other races. This one doesn't need your attention. The PV snowflakes can whine, but Yoder will --and should be--reelected.

Anonymous said...

Sidie 2018!

Keep the dream alive!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, 8:41. But try to cut Tony some slack when he posts stories about the halt, lame and hopeless running for office. It is after all the macabre and outre, not the quotidian and blase, that sell copy. Pardon muh French.

Anonymous said...

If you like Dennis Moore and you're friends with Alan Wheat, you are not a conservative.

Anonymous said...

a jewish lezzie to represent JoCo? Oy Vea!

Tracy Thomas said...

10:26 the first anonymous coward not clever enuf to use a nom de plume:
At the time, when he was first elected, before he lost his mind and was propped up by the D. party, yes I likeD Dennis Moore.

And I was friends with Alan Wheat in 1973, when I moved here.

I evolved. I arrived in KC from Wichita, having been a feminist who was sent to Miami to the national Democratic Convention--as a McGovern alternate at the age of 23 or so.

I can tell you, once one starts and OPERATES a small business for 40 years, if one is strategic, one becomes a conservative! Especially once one wakes up and moves from KCMO to Johnson County--where the only game in town is to vote for the best Republican, in the August primaries--after that, it's game over.

One learns through maturity and life experience that there is no end to the Democratic party's push for socialism and co-dependent tax-supported rescue.

I learned my lesson. Please, sir, get off my back. And sign your work. If you don't have the courage to own your words, then perhaps YOU are not a conservative, or don't deserve to comment here.

And to 10:26 the 2nd anon. commenter in that minute:
Jesus, how did you get through high school without learning to read? Sharice Davids is not Jewish, she is a Ho-Chunk Indian. (There are 4100 of that tribe in Wisconsin, and just 26 in Kansas.

And yes, she is a lesbian. No need to say "lezzie" in this context.

Finally, the term is "oy veh", not Vea. You are clearly not Jewish or educated enough to use google or spellcheck. So good luck with giving in depth commentary.

Anonymous said...

Homosexual Native American from the Ho-Chunk Nation in Wisconsin.
Sharice received a B.B.A. from the University of Missouri in Kansas City and a J.D. from Cornell Law School.
(Please compare her background to that of KCMO Councilman Quinton Lucas, also a Cornell Law graduate)
In 2010, Sharice began her legal career in the Kansas City office of an international law firm as a corporate transactional attorney working on mergers and acquisitions for private equity clients and economic development transactions with Native American tribes.
(Why did she leave the firm?)
After leaving corporate practice, she moved to the Pine Ridge Reservation where she took a position with a high school as the Director of an Economic Development Initiative where she developed an entrepreneurship curriculum.
(Seems like a big backward step in her legal profession)
After the development of the entrepreneurship program, Sharice started Hoka Coffee Company.
(Think 1-person operation, which I believe is now defunct, as their website has expired)
Sharice recently returned to the Kansas City area after concluding her time as an Obama White House Fellow. She was placed in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation under Secretary Anthony Foxx, as part of Obama's homosexual promotion initiative across the federal workforce.
(While claiming that Congressman Yoder is out-of-touch with district residents, carpetbagger Sharice Davids, with no strong ties to the 3rd District thinks she should be his replacement? Think again!)

Anonymous said...

10:42 Tracy, there is no such thing as a Lesbian...just women who have not had a satisfying cock pushed up their love tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, just because you have big teacher glasses does not mean you can order people to sign their work. There are good reasons for people to remain anonymous on the web, particularly if they are insiders who might lose their livelihoods if they sign their work.

Please don't take my comments as being "on your back". No such negative connotation was implied. And I'm glad that people evolve from one political position to another because it tells us they are thinking critically. Generally I enjoy your blog and your posts, being one of a few Metro bloggers who are obviously capable of thinking outside the box. Keep at it and don't get discouraged when someone mildly disagrees or make some point regarding the polarity of anyone's politics.

Tracy Thomas said...

11:51, thank you. Point taken.

I am confident you are bright enough to get this:
When you post, instead of checking the box for Anonymous, instead check Name/URL, and then MAKE UP A NAME. No Url is necessary.

It then takes the exact same time to click thru the Catcha verification.

This would provide the community of readers with an assortment of personas. Voices, albeit unidentified, to follow.

A much improved conversation.

You will remain hidden.

And you can always CHANGE that name as the topic suits you. Or to add humor or geographic context.

How about that? Don't you get tired of seeing just a handful of commenters using a moniker? An ocean of Anonymous, where you are lumped in with the dullards and trolls???

I invite you to "evolve your position using critical thinking."

Name/URL, unline OpenID which IS traceable, is the other white meat.

Anonymous said...

Tracy dear, you talk too much. I like to roll over and go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

STFU Dick Tracy

Anonymous said...

Big teacher glasses are cool !

Anonymous said...

Tracy stay on Jocopost

Anonymous said...

Yoder is the worst of DC. Completely bought and paid for by lobbyists.

I know who I would rather watch skinny dipping in the swamp.

Anonymous said...

... and then there are the Resume Builders--
This category includes all the publicity whores, the narcissists, the rich enuf to just buy a seat...

Well, that worked for the TV deal maker and Groper-in-Chief.

Anonymous said...

Tracy's remark about Dennis Moore's Alzheimers is vile.

And are her remarks about the candidate being a Lesbian.

She is a big mouthed disgusting person.

By the way, how is here advertising business going? ...chuckle...

Tunnel Visioned Progressive said...

Lighten up people.

Sharice Davids, the Ho-Chunk Indian Pocahontas lesbian, is the best progressive money can buy.

Johnson county needs her. It is time for a change in Washington.