Friday, February 23, 2018

Golden Ghetto Development Scheme Debuts

Here's a few nice drawings of upcoming plans of mice and men which continue to make home prices unattainable for the working poor. Take a look:

Developer releases details about ambitious project in southern Overland Park

Breaking News The first phase has been announced for a new mixed-use development in Overland Park, along with the operator of a new sporting venue. Sport Stable joins the Bluhawk development to operate an indoor, amateur multi-sport complex. The developer is excited about the prime location near 159th and Antioch, said Douglas Price, CEO of Price Brothers Management.

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Anonymous said...

Love it when developers keep chasing the mighty dollar. They want to create more of the same stores way out in South South Johnson County in order to escape the urban decay creeping down the road in North and Middle Johnson County. When they finally hit the Miami County Line, the really OLD part of JoCo will have fallen into decay, resembling the crummy parts of Kansas City.