Sunday, February 18, 2018


Local media touts weekend visit with the most celebrated illegal alien in the Kansas City metro right now. Take a look:

Family of Syed Jamal visits him at Platte County Jail

The family of Syed Jamal briefly visited him on Sunday afternoon. Jamal, 55, has been fighting efforts by the United States to deport him back to Bangladesh. He returned to Missouri on Wednesday and has been held in the Platte County Jail since Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Syed. Send his illegal immigrant ass back to the third world country he belongs in.

Anonymous said...

At least Syed will have a better chance of not getting a STD in Bangladesh than he does in Lawrence. All the sluts in Lawrence have either gonorrea, clamidia or syphilius. What is it with the scuzzy cum dump whores out in Lawrence? I know it’s not easy for them to get fucked when 90% of the men in Lawrence are homosexuals.

Go4KC said...

He can stay. We need more chemists!

Polar Bear said...

What part of "ILLEGAL" do you dipshits not understand ?

With that said, "illegal dude" is much more valuable here than a dipshit basement dweller with a blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what’s up with the STD epidemic in Lawrence? All the girls there were complete trash sluts back in the day just like they are now but they didn’t have all these diseases and such.

Anonymous said...

Why are we letting his family visit him? He is not a citizen and doesn’t have the same rights a citizen would.

Anonymous said...

6:03, mudsharks probably.

Anonymous said...

6:04 do make a good point.

Tracy Thomas said...

Syed Jamal's attorney is so lame, and so is the family, that they did not read the rules for visitation, posted on page 1 for Platte County Jail/Visitation Rules. see attached.

It says, you must check in 30 minutes before the scheduled 25 minute time period, and no exceptions will be made.

So once again, they can't follow the darn rules, and demanded an exception!!!

I imagine the sheriff relented because the news media was there. Pussies.

I also imagine this was not the first "imperfection", as Syed's lawyer calls her mistakes, in his immigration application procedure.

If you can't respect the rules, you need to go home.

The rule is not arbitrary. It's to make sure paperwork is in order, and so staff has time to do that before marching the detainees to the visitation rooms.

Also, at the very same afternoon, a black prisoner used all the hullabaloo to attack guards, break safety glass and ESCAPE from the same Platte County Jail!!

Too bad he didn't take Syed Jamal with him. Except Jamal is the only person trying to break IN to our country and refusing to flee.

Justin Igger said...

Too bad we can't deport you Tracy on the basis of being a weirdo since you're an expert on Platte County Jail visitation rules.

Unless you spent some time there once. Do they still do those prostitute roundups at the truck stops?

Tracy Thomas said...

Justin, your real name is Tom Shelley.
I have not visited the Platte County jail, ever.
And I have never been arrested, or placed in jail anywhere.
So--your snarky comment is rude and inappropriate--character assassination, shame on you.
It's called an ad hominem attack.

Please stop it. Just comment on the topic. You are wasting everyone's time.
This post is about Syed Jamal, not your hate-based attacks on African Americans.

I have, as a Christian woman, visited some prisoners in the Jackson County Jail.
And thus, I learned there are rules.
The polite officers at the check-in desk explained why they have such rules. Including screening for appropriate and respectful apparel, and screening in advance for contraband. The regulations and protocols are slightly different all over Missouri.

One does not need to phone ahead, and waste staff time having them read them out loud to you--or your idiot and stubborn queen of entitlement lawyer.

So when I read about Syed Jamal having a visitation schedule, I googled it.
And shared it here on TKC.
Just like Sharma should have done. And Syed's wife.

Geez. Snowflakes.

DeBergerac said...

Uhhh... Tracy, can we call it an "ad Femina" attack?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tracy! Fact-based as usual.

Anonymous said...

6:55, As hard as we tried to teach you, you’re proof we failed and will remain a perfect imperfect being.

Tracy Thomas said...

Charming man, great play on words. Clearly, your IQ and education put you at the top of the pack.
If every day on TKC was this fun, imagine how the collective could explore options to Make KC Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Tracy made someone her bitch. It was a glorious thing to behold.

DeBergerac said...

Merci, Tracy, I do appreciate your compliments, but don't give any one of my feeble bon mots more importance than it deserves, as a youngster I had Latin beaten into me by Jesuits, and I hate to see their vigorous (and frequent) efforts go to waste.

If I may, I'd like to suggest that you try to take a more abstract and detached view of the postings that flow through this site, I find them to be a marvelously amusing exercise in "amateur anthropology", often approaching the level of watching a sensory-deprived primate play with its own feces.

And it also carries its own rewards, "there but for the grace of...."

To quote U. S. Grant, "Endeavor to persevere".

Anonymous said...

Tom Shelley, the actor?

Wow you really are bonkerz!!!

Anonymous said...

“He’s devastated; his kids are devastated,” Jamal’s attorney, Rekha Sharma-Crawford, said afterward. “It’s a human tragedy for someone who is not a criminal.”

Some lawyer. HE IS A CRIMINAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye syed

Anonymous said...

Go back to your third world nation and eat shit