Fear JoCo Carjacker Hoodie Suspects!!!

Police provide a good look at surveillance footage featuring a couple in workout clothes wanted in connection with strong-arm gas station auto heists. Take a look:

Lenexa PD asks for help identifying pair in carjacking attempt at gas station

Lenexa, Kansas, police are asking for help in identifying a man and woman in connection with an attempted carjacking at a gas station last week. Police said a woman was pumping gas Friday night at a gas station in the 11000 Pflumm Road when a man tried to take her car keys out of her hand.


  1. I have been putting $2 of gas in my car 5 times per day since I heard about this, hoping this guy tries to jack me.

  2. ^^^^^^I agree, try and jack me and I'll jack a lead load in their ass. Fuck this crapI'm sick of the boons doing all this crap.

  3. Yet another west of Troost violation.

  4. Isolating a mudshark in JoCo is like finding out who farted in a Mexican restaurant.

  5. Oh joy! I’ll get to try out my new hollow points!

  6. Come on people someone knows these two. We need to start helping clean this shithole up.


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