Downtown Kansas City Tax Break 'Two Light' Shares Good Life 'Co-working' Promo Clip

Here's a glimpse at far too many people trying to work PR in Downtown via taxpayer funds . . .


"The Cordish Companies is excited to join the Kansas City Power & Light District and Two Light Luxury Apartments to announce Spark KC, a new collaborate workspace for downtown Kansas City. Located within Two Light Luxury Apartments, Spark KC will offer an exciting opportunity for co-living – a first for the Kansas City startup ecosystem and an innovative approach to downtown residential living, allowing members to live and collaborate within the same building. The coworking space, set to open late 2018, will support the growing Kansas City entrepreneurial community, placing members within close proximity to hundreds of successful businesses, dining options and entertainment within the Power & Light District and downtown Kansas City."

Take a look:

Also, just wonder if it's wise to name something "spark" in a high rise . . .

You decide . . .


  1. This will be a great opportunity for queers to hook up with other queers and suck each other and buttfuck each other.

  2. ^^^ not for you old geezer. You're too broke, too ugly, and too irrelevant. Stay with the kiddie porn you know.

  3. Claims of big sales, apartment occupancy, and even waiting lists, and above-market rates that are forcing young people out of the market.
    All that extra money going to the bottom line of a company based in Baltimore.
    Sounds like they need some taxpayer dough to "make the numbers work".
    Fortunately for them their target for handouts are the clowns at 12th and Oak.
    What a sad joke!

  4. Jared Kushner just got his security clearance revoked by John Kelly


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