Monday, February 12, 2018


A ruling today sent newsies scrambling but another judge granted a stay and so the grassroots struggle for a Kansas chemist.

Today's news:

KMBC: Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay for Syed Jamal

KSHB: Syed Jamal's fight to stay in the U.S. continues thanks to another stay of removal issued just hours after a previous stay was denied.

Fox4KC: Immigration appeals board grants new stay of deportation for Park University professor, attorney says

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Yep, Soros, and/or some other socialists' monies are lining attorneys' pockets and forking over filing and other fees on this tug o' war. Good for ICE and Great Americans to stand up to the illegals! Sayed should/coulda took care of this long ago. Prolly Catholic Charities would have provided avenues to him gaining citizenship back when he was qualified for lower incomers assistance. They've been doing free classes with grants and loans for the costs to get LEGAL!

Anonymous said...

From what I heard he and his lawyer tried to get legal several times but they kept messing up the paperwork..... either it was a ploy to not get it done or his lawyer is a complete dumbass, I believe the latter myself, greedy ass lawyers draining the pockets of anybody they can. Don’t know that any of this is true, just what I heard

Anonymous said...

The appeals will ultimately run their corse and justice will be served. SYED will live his remaining days in the paradise of Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who knows the process of how, and if, India's gubmint cooperates for THEIR own to take on American citizenship? Serious question. Anyone? Is it done without big expense and hassle to the wannabe Great American who is leaving them?

Anonymous said...

Sure. But illiterate Mexicans can figure out the paperwork?

Anonymous said...

Stay. No stay. 30 years or 30 days. This guy is a CRIMINAL. Maybe I should go on a shoplifting spree and just tell the judge that I’ve been a gainfully employed taxpayer for many years and get my crime overlooked too.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, real criminals here illegally are running around unchecked.

ICE is lazy and Trump is inept.

Working professionals with immediate family that are American citizens are now taking up officers time, jail space, and court dockets, while gangs and drug dealers are robbing and raping.

Trump, you have blood on your hands for ignoring the problem you promised to fix. Same for you idiots that think this is progress. Stop cheerleading and tell the President to do something that makes a difference. Otherwise, we will lose this immigrant battle.

Tracy Thomas said...

As confirmed by the Lawrence Journal World and Nick Kristof today in the New York Times, Sayed Jamal ran for School Board in Lawrence Kansas a year or two ago.

Folks, that is voter fraud!! If he were a RUSSIAN engineer at KU, the snowflakes and Cleaver would be shouting "Send him home! Collusion!!"

And George Soros and his little Junior Achievement club, "Indivisible" would not be financing a campaign or legal fees for him.

Wake up, Micheal Mahoney and Steve Kraske and Dave Helling and Nick Haines--report on this. He's not a citizen--so how did he file for office? The Lawrence Election Board must be asleep. How long has he been voting illegally???? As well as running for office.

Lawrence Journal World and your TV station--helloooooo?!! The laws are clear and it is public record...not HOW he voted (eg for Hillary), but it is searchable by his birthdate, WHEN he registered, and which elections he has voted in.

Instead of biased reporting that's like a Hallmark card to Snowflakes, Report that. Do.Your.Job.

We have no idea how many lies and errors were on Jamal's failed applications for citizenship.

Did he lie to the KU personnel department? Report that.

His lawyer attributed it to "imperfect" applications. Does that include lies and cheating and deception?

Today the lawyer claimed that flying him to Hawaii was "out of the country". Excuse me, Hawaii is a state.

Cleaver, who is a headline whore, claims he broke no rules or laws. Well, how about voter fraud? We are not heartless--for demanding compliance with our election laws.

Can we imagine that ICE decided the run for school board was the last flaunting of American laws?

This is playing right into the assertions of Kris Kobach of voter fraud and illegals voting.

I've never seen such biased emotional reporting in my life. When I phoned Ch. 5's assignment desk, they said, "So what?"

Shame, Ch. 5. Your FCC license should be pulled.

Vladimir Putin's PR team said...

You go, Tracy!

Someone check to see if he lied to Park University and claimed he is a US Citizen.

Does he also have health insurance?

Send Comrade Syed Jamal home.

Where is Secretary of State Kris Kobach??

Bridge of LIES.

Skanky Hairdressers for Legal Elections said...

I'm so sorry. My ex-husband's outing of my romp with Governor Duct Tape has distracted him from doing his job.

I'll text Eric-- on our "Confide" deletable app, and tell him, he needs to get back to work and check out Syed Jamal's personnel records at Park University here in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Tracy. Good points.

JoJones said...

Damn shame, they need to start with the thugs and try to keep families together.

Anonymous said...

Uh, and better tell Big Guns he's got to keep up the serial philandering if he's following in rapey BJ Clintoon's footsteps to the White House. Eric has some hair to pull and lips to bite before he can get to staining dresses and doing foreplay employing cigars.

Bowtied Silverback said...

Tracy i have a new found liking for you,mind if i rub one out to that pic?

Anonymous said...

8:19, it hurts to admit it, but TRACY nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Allah be praised, soon Syed will be on the school board and then he can get quran classes started. Then he can bring Khalid Yasin in for show and tell, and they can show how Allah throws gays off the roof.

Anonymous said...

Is all ICE gonna do is continue to give this guy free vacations? Lets enforce some damn laws.

Anonymous said...

God please end this, 10 minutes of TV news coverage for an illegal alien. Why ? Most of us do not care, he broke the law just like Hillary. Cover Hillary's crimes, they effect us all.

Anonymous said...

He is not a criminal, because immigration violations are not considered criminal offenses, but rather civil offenses akin to jay-walking.

Anonymous said...

Dreamers my ass:

Anonymous said...

Dear Tracy Thomas: you are a dumb racist bitch.

The only qualifications anyone in Kansas needs to run for a school board are: School board members must be registered voters in the school district and cannot be an employee of the board on which they are a member. If board members are elected from certain areas of the district rather than at-large, they must live in the area of the district from which they are seeking office.

Information comes straight from the Kansas Association of School Boards (

And he had every legal right to work in the USA. The work "permits" he has don't expire until October.

Tracy Thomas said...

You might wanna take back what you said, you ignorant snowflake without the courage to sign your name.
Syed Ahmed Jamal is not a citizen, and--therefore, ipso facto, he is not a "registered voter"!!
He's not even an illegal registered voter!!
He didn't even try to register using his citizen brother's ID, which is Syed Hussein Jamal.

I did my homework, which obviously you did not.
I checked with the Ks. Secretary of State's Director of Elections, Bryan Caskey, 785-296-4561
AND then double-checked with Jamie Shew, County Clerk of Douglas County (Lawrence Ks where he has lived, a second time, since 2007), 785/832-5267.

Syed Ahmed Jamal has never been registered to vote in Kansas in the past 12 years.
And has never voted in an election. (which the Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, and his staff, had already researched.

Both the Lawrence Journal World and then the New York Times reported INCORRECTLY that Syed Jamal "ran for school board in Lawrence in March, 2017."

No he did not. He applied to be appointed to a vacancy.
And he interviewed, with 10 other applicants.
He was not selected.

BUT he did make a material mistatement during the video-taped interview with the Lawrence School Board. HE ATTEMPTED TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD, BY POSING AS A QUALIFIED REGISTERED VOTER. He wasted the board's time, during his five minute rant about America not being the best at education, and he "likes" the Lawrence schools--(not loved??), and "two branches of government", and "I'm not gonna say Make America Great Again BUT..."

Then when asked, if he were appointed would he run for election, and Syed Jamal said "YES."

That was deception and election fraud. He is such a narcissist, he is now "passing as American", but he KNOWS he his not qualified under the LAW to run for election anywhere, and he is not a registered voter!

10:55, if you sign your name, and email me at, I will email you the video.

He is also not a licensed driver in the state of Kansas. He drives his car illegally. How about that?!

Bottom line, snowflake:
If Syed Jamal were a Russian, you'd be demanding that Comrade Jamal be deported, and stop meddling in our elections.