Dead-Tree Downtown Tax Break Question

A question we raised WEEKS ago . . . The newspaper plays "ketchup" this afternoon:

Does Kansas City really need to subsidize the Three Light luxury apartment project?

The Kansas City Council is studying a proposed $17.5 million subsidy for a parking garage as part of a new Three Light apartment project. Now, some council members want to take a closer look at the idea and the lack of affordable housing downtown.


  1. Most of the people eating to live downtown are faggots so they will be close to other faggots. Why would the city want to subsidize the gay lifestyle?

    1. wanting to live downtown

  2. Let’s get some diversity downtown. How about some Section 8? The crime would be crazy wild.

  3. Not everyone that lives downtown is gay. There are some good people too.

  4. Yes! Baltimore-based Cordish Corporation demands that taxpayers in KCMO continue to subsidize their "development projects".
    That way they can charge well-above market rents, minimize their costs, and take more money to their bottom line, none of which stays locally.
    It's what's generously passes for "economic development" in Sly's little self-serving kingdom.
    What are you going to run for next?

  5. Eat the rich


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