Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Danforth Desperate To Save Sputtering Missouri AG Josh Hawley Senate Bid

The most senior RINO in all of the Show-Me State attempts to spin the clear lack of enthusiasm and, more importantly, LACKLUSTER FUNDRAISING for this Alex P. Keaton candidate who clearly can't stand on his own. Take a look:

Senate hopeful Hawley, once Missouri's rising GOP star, facing rumors of buyer's remorse in the party

Josh Hawley, the Missouri attorney general and rising Republican star who appeared to have a clear path to the party's U.S. Senate nomination this year, is now facing vague but widespread rumors of buyer's remorse in the party. One of Hawley's top supporters, former U.S. Sen.


Anonymous said...

"... Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. — who has shown in the past a talent for scrambling the home turf of her enemies."

If the state gop continues to put up clowns, Claire will build a circus around them.

Anonymous said...

if trump campaigns, will he swing the vote?

Anonymous said...

Here's a prediction mccaskill is so unpopular with the DEPLORABLES that whoever the Stupid Party runs they'll support. The dumb ass Baghdad Bob asks the mccaskills are you playing dirty tricks? Yeah, they're sure to give you a straight answer. mccaskill is either the luckiest politician ever or the harpy has made a deal with The Devil? Anyone else catch a whiff of Sulfur?

Anonymous said...

I thought Danforth was better than that. Hawley is a Sloppy Steve Bannon hand picked candidate and in the closet.