Monday, February 12, 2018

Cute Kansas City Couple Blog

Because it always gets a little too serious here thanks to failed bloggers & reporters . . . We offer a peek at a nicer place on the net with content that might actually put a smile on your face . . . Really fun travel content along with a few local insights: HeSaysSheSaysKC | More than Meandering around the Midwest & Beyond


Super Dave said...

Thanks for showing and sharing this Tony looks like an interesting site to follow.

Brent (He) said...

Brent (aka "He") from HeSaysSheSaysKC ... Thanks for the love Tony ... we'll try to keep it lively and real, posting more about our beloved city soon. The post made our Monday (though the "cute" moniker brings to mind Susan Sarandon from Bull Durham ... Becca "She" loved cute ... I'll reluctantly accept it. ;-)