Sunday, February 04, 2018

City Hall #KCStat Earns High Praise

In this latest city planner wonk article . . . Kansas City propaganda is name checked for all of the upbeat information it distributes to be retweeted by marketing firms. Take a look:

Communicating with a "What Works" State of Mind - What Works Cities - Medium

As cities adopt best practices around data and evidence, communicating ongoing progress provides opportunities not only to celebrate accomplishments but also to engage residents, city staff, and local thought leaders who can reinforce and expand those efforts. But many cities struggle with how to talk about their work, citing a fear of receiving criticism or an uncertainty about how to begin the conversation.


Hyperblogal said...

Anyone can do astounding work if allowed to just make up stats.

Anonymous said...

There is not a single thing City Hall does that works. Except stealing and lying.

Anonymous said...

the city can’t prove anything is true........ except murders.

Anonymous said...

There should be a law prohibiting the words "data driven, works, and best practices" from being used in the same sentence, or maybe at all, with the words "KCMO city government".
Oxymoron on steroids.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:48, I disagree - there was a water fountain on the second floor that was working last Thursday.