Thursday, February 01, 2018

Check The World According To Kansas City Chiefs QB NextGen Hope Patrick Mahomes

A quick look at statements celebrated by fanboys and all of the other suckers who believe the upcoming hype-cycle in what is obviously an upcoming rebuilding year. Read more:

Patrick Mahomes speaks! His top five quotes from Thursday at the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs starting (weird) quarterback Patrick Mahomes made his own rounds at the Super Bowl's radio row in Minnesota Thursday, speaking with Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star before joining Sports Radio 810's Soren Petro for a sitdown interview simulcasted on Facebook Live.


Coach Tuffy McNutterson said...

Probably smart enough to execute the shallow cross offense. Barely.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good point!

I think the main point here is that Kansas City is getting off cheap thanks to the stupidity of their fans.

Anonymous said...

2-14 next year and I’m good with it especially if he grows man balls and gets to 9-7 the following year. If he survives! No sense letting him sit on the bench for four years and do nothing. Who’s gonna be his backup? We’re gonna need two of them because that awful offensive line is gonna get him hurt badly or even killed. If they put him out there and he gets severely injured or killed then the chiefs don’t have to pay him as much money for nothing in the long run!

Anonymous said...

@11:50PM-What does that say about you? here you are at near midnight on blog about the Chiefs talking about them. You may be the biggest loser of them all.

Ruddy Guy said...

le 56 percent face