Thursday, February 01, 2018

Blogging Kansas City Life After Death

The foremost local faith writer offers a glimpse at religious definitions of existence in the midst of tech advances . . . As the decision to pull the plug becomes increasingly more complicated. Read more:

When you're dead, you're dead, right? Uh, maybe not: 2-1-18

In countless ways, religion is focused on death -- sometimes even to the point that it can move people to limit their focus on life itself and thus miss half the party. Some faith traditions warn of the terrible punishments...


Anonymous said...

Never been able to understand why "Good Christians" who have "been saved" are so afraid of death. Why continue to suffer the pains and unhappiness of this existence?

After all, you know you're going to Heaven, right?
Unless you're an innocent baby who dies before being christened, of course.

Aren't you looking forward to seeing God? Or are you afraid he can see what's REALLY in your heart?

Anonymous said...

I ran into an old school mate and after about ten minutes he goes into "the bible says" and I'm like this dude is slipping into dementia?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is life after death. I don't know if God exists. If God does exist I have to wonder why there are so many bad things happening to good people. Anyone KNOW for sure?

Anonymous said...

Yes. I KNOW. Because of people like you.