Monday, February 05, 2018

Back To The Kansas City Grind: Monday Love


Right now Sara hotness inspires this return trip to the local discourse as so many Kansas City denizens start the 2nd shift and keep moving forward even after their 9-5. Take a look at today's news highlights:

Welcome New Kansas City Cuteness

It's a girl! Baby giraffe born at the Kansas City Zoo

CONGRATULATIONS! IT'S A GIRL! The Kansas City Zoo's giraffe crew has grown by four hooves. According to a release from the zoo, a baby giraffe was born on Friday. Mom Lizzie gave birth around 4:57 a.m. Friday to a baby girl. The giraffe calf already weighs around 105 pounds and stands around 5 feet tall.

Flu Season Still Underway For Locals

Flu Activity Still Widespread Across The Kansas City Area, May Not Have Peaked

Area hospitals are continuing to see high numbers of influenza patients, suggesting that the flu season has yet to peak. At the University of Kansas Health System, 913 patients have tested positive for the flu so far, 162 of them in the last week alone, according to spokeswoman Jill Chadwick.

Pitch Crusades Against Political Nobody

Guess who showed up at the weird, angry flag parade in Lawrence this weekend?

On Saturday, a parade of Human MAGA Hats descended on downtown Lawrence and exercised their constitutional right to march around and carry signs and yell a bunch of ignorant shit. It's America, and they're allowed to do that. But it is perhaps worth noting a few details about Saturday's "Defend Our Flag" protest for future reference.

Urban Core Booze Debate

18th & Vine liquor licenses requiring church approvals may soon change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Restaurants and taverns that want to open in the Jazz District may soon be able to request a liquor license without getting approval from nearby churches or schools. The city's alcohol beverage advisory group approved the change Monday.

Country Club Development Winning

Brokers: Nordstrom's Plaza store will include Capital Grille site - Kansas City Business Journal

Nordstrom Inc.'s newly announced plan to relocate from its three-story, 200,000-square-foot space at Oak Park Mall to a new 116,000-square-foot store on the Country Club Plaza in 2021 has raised a lot of questions. One of them, which the Kansas City brokerage community seems to have a handle on, is where on the Plaza the new store will be located.

Kansas City Music Trivia

Kansas City Pair Of Jazz Joints Packing Them In, And What Makes TV Theme Songs Memorable

You'd be forgiven for thinking a jazz club with a throwback feel would end up being a flop. You'd also be wrong. Today, we meet a local entrepreneur whose pair of nightclubs is helping the Kansas City jazz scene live on.

Spring Hype From Kansas City Fave

Salvy teases "something cool" in Royals Twitter video

The Kansas City Royals released an interesting video Monday morning featuring superstar catcher Salvador Perez.

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Anonymous said...


When I encouraged Sara to wear her heart on her sleeve, she had an even better idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Where's Capital Grille going?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Nordstrom you're going to need it. flash mobs, and Mayor James can't even plow the streets, Independence streets were completely cleared with the same amount of snow. But then again Nordstrom is a nerdstrom democrat company.

Anonymous said...

What does Salvy think is so cool about losing 100 games?