Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Juxtaposition: Kansas City Loves Puppies More Than Hobos???

Amid this cold Winter we notice more locals opening their hearts and hopes to cute doggies rather than the homeless . . . To be fair, there's less risk of a puppy stabbing a generous soul in the throat in return for kindness. You decide:

WATCH: 8 puppies rescued by Chain of Hope

KANSAS CITY. Mo. - A local rescue group is now taking care of eight puppies. Chain of Hope told 41 Action News that someone took in a dog that wasn't being taken care of well. However, they didn't know the dog was pregnant at the time.


Anonymous said...

Dogs, given the opportunity, will come in out of the cold. Not all people have dick sense.

Singers are long and hot in Kansas City. Hobos worrying about the cold of the coming winter could migrate south. But they don't. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Obviously my phone had other thoughts. Dick =such; singers = Summers.

Anonymous said...

^^Either way, your post was shit.

Anonymous said...

Hobos rape, kill, and piss in the streets.

Now, puppies may piss in the street too...but they ain't gonna rape or kill you.

The myth of the kind hearted bum just down on his luck is exactly that...a fucking MYTH.

Don't turn your back on em.