Friday, January 12, 2018

Will New Mayor Save KCK??

Important interview with the new boss across the State Line examines his priorities for an area confronting money problems, more crime and crumbling infrastructure . . . Read more:

New KCK Mayor David Alvey outlines goals for city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When David Alvey raised his right hand on Monday he said he was ready to get to work. Three days later, the new KCK Mayor's days have been non-stop. "I want people to, first of all, believe the mayor's office is accessible.


Anonymous said...

only napalm will save KCK

Anonymous said...

Nothing will save KCK. Too many non-whites and even the white people are inbreds.

Anonymous said...

my, my, it seems 11:34 knows a thing or two about KCK. Since TV has become insufferable and nothing worth seeing at the movies, I pulled out dvd's of The Godfather and L.A. Confidential. Two story lines with similarities to KCK's past and present. Where the good guys/gals aren't so good and the bad guy's run the show using their puppets to get what they want.

Organized crime pays. And it pays well. Anyone who has gotten in the way of a local crime lord knows the names, but can never write about them this days. Destroying lives with lies and deceit to keep people silent is a favorite pastime. It makes all the incoming millions so much sweeter.

One the people responsible for following orders and destroying lives in the Dotte for decades just got his ass kick a bit. No one with certain last names ever really gets kicked off the public payroll for good. When you're in, you're in for life. It's the payoff for decades of lying to protect the guilty and destroy of anyone who dares discuss the particulars in public.

Just another guy located on the 9th floor in a chair with penalty of people expecting a pay back. Probably a new chair. Holland's butt print can be seen all over the county as it is. We shall see how well the old new guy can pretend he's a new old guy.

Anonymous said...

my, my, you just described the democrat party