Thursday, January 11, 2018

Walmart Raises Minimum Wage Amid Prez Trump Economic Boom: Is Missouri Stingy???

Check widely celebrated economic news revealing that $7.85 is still remarkably behind the times and, according to critics, a sign of regressive economic policy from some of the most greedy people building biz on the backs of the working poor. Read more:

Walmart just raised its minimum wage and is offering $1,000 bonuses

The world's largest private employer is about to give its employees a raise. Walmart just announced it will increase its employees' starting wage rate to $11 an hour. Currently, Walmart's starting wage is $9 an hour, which bumps up to $10 after employees complete a training program, per CNBC.


northlander said...

While 200 Sam's stores close with no reason .

Anonymous said...

If Walmart wants better employees than the lazy no good ones they have now they need to pay them more than that. I guess you get what you pay for!

Anonymous said...

It is 63 Sam's Club stores, but the point is solid. Thousands of employees were just turfed TODAY in an epic blindside. Also, how many of these continuing employees, called "associates" by Wal Mart, have the opportunity to work a full 40-hour week and thus be eligible for company insurance and other benefits? Instead, they are forced to rely on government health insurance, government nutrition and assistance programs that the right-wing wants to yank away from the working poor. That less-than-full employment cohort can't organize a union to fight this. Rules are rules, after all. Clip those coupons, Wal Mart workers.