Wednesday, January 24, 2018

VP Pence Backs Brownback Ambassadorship With Tiebreaker Vote Today . . .

A blessed event . . . Kansas soon to rid itself of one of the most unpopular Guvs (on both sides of the aisle) in recent history. Read more:

Pence casts tie-breaking vote to overcome Senate filibuster over Brownback ambassadorship

Vice President Mike Pence was summoned to the Senate on Wednesday to break a tie and overcome a filibuster on an ambassadorship nomination for Kansas Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. It's rare for a vice president to be needed to break a tie on a procedural vote, especially for a former senator like Brownback.


Anonymous said...

seems strange.

brownback will be in the rght place in the new position.

another sign of extreme polarization that's not productive, imho.

Hyperblogal said...

49 to 49...we're talking mandate here... and for a job that, ultimately, doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Don't see why it's strange that his happened, Brownback is a former Senator, that means they know him and a lot of them know all there is to know about him. Knowing him, what's surprising to me is that enough Republicans were able to choke back their gorge and toe the Party Line.

Pence is setting all sorts of records, isn't he?

It's so damn amusing to watch, the Republicans have the White House, Both Houses of Congress, AND the Supreme Court, and the only the they've been able to accomplish is reducing taxes on their Owners.

All these years whining and bragging about the marvelous things they would do, if they only controlled the Government, and now they find out they can't do diddly!

Anonymous said...

GOOD news for Brownback = BAD news for Greitens

Now that the corporate media won't have Sam Brownback to kick around anymore, they'll be giving more attention to Greitens.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why we need that role again

Anonymous said...

Complete and utter waste of tax money. Hopefully, Brownie can win the the War on Christmas!

Anonymous said...

OK so we have a separation of church and state, but a religious ambassador paid for by the tax payers? Am I getting this right?

Anonymous said...

Never thought I would say this but:

Thank you, Mike Pence.


A grateful Kansan.