UMKC Economics Researcher Explains How Corporate Culture Kills Working Poor

Impressive conversation on the big money murders & executions mergers & acquisitions game which invariably leaves the little guy without much cash to survive. Read more:

2017 A Banner Year for Corporate Mergers, Which Further Deepens Inequality

Low interest rates, "quantitative easing," and the mitigation of antitrust laws led to more mergers and acquisitions in 2017, but that's only going to fuel greater wealth inequality and tighten the corporate grip on the political system, explains economist Michael Hudson


  1. The "corporate grip" on the economy is more the result of a constant stream of regulations, occupational licensing and administrative penalties on business that liberals love. Its easier for a large company to have HR persons, a tax compliance department, a legal department and every other department that just exists because of government bureaucracy.

  2. "Michael Hudson is a Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City." I'm curious - what makes him "distinguished"? Does he have a neatly trimmed beard, horn rimmed glasses and sport a bow tie? Are all his colleagues at UMKC also distinguished, or are there some undistinguished ones, and if so, who are they? Is it impossible for a right-leaning professor to ever attain distinguished status?

    Mr. Distinguished Professor is still beating that 1% vs. 99% dead horse. It's pure propaganda. Other Distinguished Professors analyze wealth in terms of quintiles. Those who do that find that the top quintile, i.e. the upper middle class plus the truly rich, are the people who are able to bend social norms to further their own economic interests. I'd bet that Mr. Distinguished Professor is a member of that class.

  3. Food for thought
    With all these professors making statements about corporations, I've often wondered if they refuse to see that the university they work for is a corporation unto itself?
    Are they not guilty of the very things they criticize others of doing?

  4. ^they live inside but role-play as if they are doing some noble fighting, all while towing the acceptable per chewed opinion

  5. Wonder who creates jobs for the allegedly 'working' poor?

    Corporations, that's who. Deal with it or start your own business, preferably something besides selling crack or the sexual favors of a subhuman lot lizard.

  6. Hey Silvestor, I would explain the difference between a corporation and a not-for-profit, state funded public university, but you're too fucking stupid to comprehend it. Just keep spouting nonsense like you usually do. Oh to be blissfully stupid like you.

  7. 12:12, you're too stupid to realize how stupid you are.

  8. ^^What are you...twelve? Weak shit there. Real weak shit. Bounce dummy. You've been dismissed.


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