Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The nation prepares to watch Prez Trump's remarks . . . As usual, our blog community only wonders what's in it for us . . .

Of Kansas City concern . . .

- Locals hope for more talk on the long overdue infrastructure bill that was promised. From both sides of the aisle locals await this fed funding so that Kansas City doesn't have to spend all of the GO Bond cash to pay our share for Broadway Buck O'Neil Bridge repair.

- Some streetcar supporters still hold out hope for Tiger Grants as the toy train has been stalled by a lack of interest from D.C. at the conclusion of the Prez Obama Administration.

- The ongoing Dreamer nightmare continues . . . Throughout the nation and in KC, there's a guessing game about the Wall & DACA . . . Despite overwhelming right-wing support, The Prez has bounced around on his stance in the past few weeks and tonight may (or may not) provide a definite answer.

We'll talk about it later but we're posting the LOCAL preview so that finicky Kansas City denizens won't be distracted by national news outlets that couldn't care less about our hometown.

Check the links . . .

NPR: Confrontational Mood Grips Capitol Hill Ahead Of Trump's Speech

Fox News: Trump to proclaim ‘New American Moment’ in State of the Union address

KCTV5: Widow of man killed in Austin's Bar & Grill shooting invited to State of the Union Address

Huff Post: GOP Congressman Calls For Undocumented SOTU Guests To Be Arrested On The Spot

The Hill: Dem lawmaker bringing 'Dreamer' to SOTU: You'll have to 'break my bones' before threatening my guest

Vox: He’s unpopular, under investigation, and facing tough legislative and electoral battles ahead.

New York Times: Before Trump’s Speech, a Chaotic White House Follows Tradition

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas City hasn't seen this much winning.

Since Hoover.

Anonymous said...

Man I hope he addresses the negro issue. It's pretty fucking horrible.

Anonymous said...

Kansas city will never be great as long as dummocrats are running KC>

Anonymous said...

The real laugh riot will come with crazy ol' Maxine Waters doing the rebuttal. It's actually the best the left could come up with. Ouch! :)

Anonymous said...

Well the negro issue if addressed by Trump will cause huge backlash and riots, but if someone like LBJ calls them niggers (and he did) along with the Clinton's, but promises freebies then it's O.K.

As for his investigation that's funny! It's Hillary and Obama who's backlash against Trump has blown up in their own faces!

Not popular, as VOX says, just about the whole country voted for him!

Anonymous said...

Trump's tax cuts cost KC 800 jobs today.

Harley-Davidson is using tax breaks for capital improvements to modernize it's PA plant and close KC.

The decision to close and move to PA is directly paid for by Trump and the GOP's tax plan

Anonymous said...

Funny how the inner city's want money, yet the urban areas voted for Billary. Come on all he ain't a Republican, he ain't a Democrat, they all tried and continue to try and stop everything he wants to do. He is on OUR side, back the president as any mature American has for generations regardless of who you voted for. Come together, Give peace a chance, Can't we all just get along ?

Anonymous said...

They can't. More than 60 million Americans rejected the left, and Hell hath no fury like a progressive who faces disagreement.:)

Anonymous said...

People not buying expensive motorcycles of an old obsolete design is now Trump's fault ? How about 8 years of Obama turning the young into no gender snowflakes who do know how to ride a motorcycle ?

Anonymous said...

Stocks are at a record high...
v T
v R
v U
v M
v P
v 145 points
v 362 points

Bye bye record highs

Anonymous said...

Where's the wall? Where's that Mexican money to pay for it?

The racists are gettin upset.

Anonymous said...

Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs. He said it would be easy.

Motorcycles are obsolete? WEAK excuse. Trump even promised to bring back COAL!

If he can promise to revive the coal industry from the 19th century, he can save an American icon like Harley which is a company worth $8.5 billion on Wall Street.

Unless he lied. Or doesn't know what he's doing. Or doesn't care if he can't line his own pockets. Or all of the above.

Anonymous said...


Harleys are overpriced vibrating garbage and so is your mother said...

Unions have by and large caused Harleys to be over priced relics. You cant pay wages and bennies that combine to be 50 - 70 bucks per hour per worker, then cry because people wont pay outrageous sums. Japs make v twins that beat harleys at every turn. Numerous coal mines have reopened. Its only been a year. The minimal 2 day drop in the stock market was a big sell off of medical/health care stocks. The market will see another record spike in the days and weeks to come as money is reallocated to other areas. You liberal cunts have been beaten like red headed stepchildren by Trump. Now the memo is about to blow apart the treasonous scumbaggery that the dems used in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president. The next 7 years will make you cucks want to hang yourselves.

Anonymous said...

7:59 Nails it.

Anonymous said...

The wall is coming, next election.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Plus 1000000!!!!!! That’s the truth. 7:22 for the win!

Anonymous said...

"Not popular, as VOX says, just about the whole country voted for him! "

He lost the popular vote.

Anonymous said...

So did Bill Clinton but that was ok. :)

Anonymous said...

Enough Americans wanted Trump that he handily won the Electoral College.

But the Russians hacked, well, something or other. Perhaps Hillary's charisma?

Anonymous said...

The Russia investigation began because a Trump Aid bragged to an Australian Diplomat that the Russians had thrown the election for Trump. She told the FBI. The FBI did its job & started looking into it.

Eric Trump, "When we need money for a golf course, we just ask the Russians."

Donald Trump, "I have never had any dealings with the Russians."

This is why he won't release his tax returns. He is a criminal traitor, who donated money to the Clinton Foundation, because they attended his wedding to his Trophy Wife.

Anonymous said...

Trump can SAY anything he wants and he will get smiles and giggles from the folks in City Hall. The joke is on us, dear readers. The real power players don't even live in KCMO. But they sure do control the money. Oh, and the closing of the HOG plant is due to the dying off of its' rapidly ageing customer base. They don't make motorcycles shaped like a wheelchair, and the younger folks can't afford the things. Bye bye good jobs.

Anonymous said...

The Russia Investigation began as a kind of group therapy for the jilted left, who could not cope with a clear electoral defeat that no one saw coming.

Nothing worked to discredit Trump. Not his own crass comments, not the first disappointment of his fairly straightforward tax returns showcased by a breathless Rachel Maddow, and (to date) not the well-known full court press by virtually the entire media and entertainment culture.

Instead of finding new leaders, instead of owning their own DNC's shameful fraud, instead of finding their issues and a brand with wider appeal, the left has chosen to put all their eggs in a Russia investigation so badly compromised that it may itself soon be investigated.

The left doesn't have any ideas that are not about hating Trump. The left has insults, gags, and late night yuks. It won't win elections. Sorry.

In their broken hearts, the left simply cannot admit they lost the hearts and minds of Americans. Much easier to insist that it was Russia, Russia, Russia.

The real enemy of the left isn't Trump.

It's 60+ million Americans.

Anonymous said...

I am reaching out to the Republican Congress and administration and am asking for them to not support the Street Car expansion in Kansas City. The phony Tax district vote was an anti democratic event which was designed to exclude voters with unreasonable requirements and restrictions. The City Counsel then overturned a popular vote which stated that Street car expansion should not take place.
I am a life long Democrat who witnesses a City Council which wastes huge amounts of money and does not represent all of the Kansas City population.

chuck said...

Trump killed it tonight.

He was great. The Dems squirmed in their seats like whores in church.

Bill Clinton, whom I think was a pretty good president, said it best, "It's the economy stupid."

With the wind at his back, Trump can look forward to the IG Report and the revelations of Deep State chicanery through the spring and into the summer, just in time to Empanel Grand Juries to indict former administration criminals in October, right before the election.

Orange looks good on Progressives.

Anonymous said...

WOO HAAA ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

There is no "deep state".

Anonymous said...

Amnesty Don again proposed citizenship for DACA kids.

Come on Trump fluffers, lets hear you cheer!

Anonymous said...

The dummocrats all looked like they just lost there dog, they’re such a mess they can’t recover. Thanks Barry and Hillary! Lmao!

Anonymous said...

Trump was definitely off the mark. He spoke of record low black and Hispanic unemployment, yet the Missouri hand outs continue to be off the fucking charts. What gives? We need that wall around KC.

Anonymous said...

Just for the good kids, not the MS13 mofos!

Anonymous said...

I watched Trump and imagined Hillary blowing smoke up everyone's arse about womens rights and kissing North Korea's ass and I knew right then America got damn lucky!