Friday, January 05, 2018


Our blog community previewed this meeting LAST YEAR and now the complaints from local small biz are NEWS FACT. Read more:

Business owners voice frustrations at meeting on proposal to get rid of free parking in, around City Market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some tempers flared Thursday at a meeting over a plan to eliminate free parking in and around the city's popular City Market. Shop tenants within the City Market complex and business owners in the surrounding River Market District fear new parking meters will chase away customers.


Anonymous said...

Hold on to your wallet any time you enter Jackson County for any reason.

Retro ROCKER said...

The night they drove the river market down and the people were singing, na,na,na,na,.The day the river market died. By,by,river market pie took the streetcar to the river market and the river was dry and Sly was the only one drinking whisky and rye. .The day the river market died. ..

Anonymous said...

Take it to your City Councilpersons!

Oh, wait, you're 4th District, Justice and Shields - YOU DON'T HAVE ANY CITY COUNCILPERSONS!


Umm.. send checks to Justice and Shields-Cardarella, that should do it - if the checks are big enough!

Anonymous said...

'Specially wid den negriarians runnin' round! Dey gonna steal yo' wallet!!! AM I RITE???

Anonymous said...

Charge on the weekdays when very busy. 7am to 6PM.
Weekends free parking.

Everyone happy now?

I think some of those cars have been parked there for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Next they crack down on Crossroads. Get ready for some irritation, something has to give.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you actually are. Irony doesn't work when you are being factual. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Easy money for bowtard sLIE, that’s all this is about, taking your money from you any way he can