Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Here's just a bit of prep for the Missouri slap fight ahead . . .

In the meantime, take a look at the upcoming season of taxes which impacts the plebs on both sides of the aisle despite their misguided allegiances:

Transportation task force wants Missouri lawmakers and voters to raise fuel tax

Read more of this campaign prep from JaxCo Democrats:

2018 Legislative Session Begins Tomorrow

via Rep. Jerome Barnes

The 2018 legislative session begins at noon on Jan. 3 with the Republican-controlled General Assembly expected to pursue an election-year agenda focused on more tax cuts even as it grapples with additional budget cuts necessitated in large part by previous tax cuts that primarily benefited corporate interests and wealthier Missourians.

The upcoming session will also test whether Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, who had a rocky relationship with the legislature, especially the Senate, during his first year in office will take a more cooperative approach in working with lawmakers or continue the hardball tactics that so far have largely failed him.

Greitens took office last year as just the third Republican Missouri governor since Reconstruction to serve with a legislature controlled by his own party. Although a few bills long-sought by Republicans, that had been blocked by Greitens’ Democratic predecessor, such as a so-called right-to-work measure and legislation to make it more difficult to sue businesses for alleged wrongdoing, managed to win final passage, infighting between Greitens and the legislature prevented Republicans from capitalizing on their solid control of state government.

In what has become an annual ritual, lawmakers are again expected to cut state spending in order to adjust for declining revenues brought on by earlier tax cuts. Adding even more uncertainty is the impact the federal tax cut Congress recently enacted will have on Missouri for the upcoming 2019 fiscal year. Because Missouri’s tax code is tied to the federal tax code, changes in the latter affect the former. Although estimates vary widely, the federal changes could cost the state $100 million to more than $500 million in lost revenue unless state lawmakers pass legislation decoupling the state and federal tax systems.

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Anonymous said...

This is cute but it's actually the Republicans eating their own that will provide the real entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Really. The republicans learned all their regressive tax policies from KC democrats. A earnings flat tax only on wages. Highest sales taxes in the area. With additional TDD's, CID's sales taxes. General revenue used for entertainment districts and stadiums. Most property taxes paid by single family homeowners, while corporations property taxes are rebated back to them in TIF's, Super TIF's, PIEA bonds, 353 bonds, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Everybody against the Governor. We've seen this before and it ruined Jay Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson ruined Jay Nixon. Gov Nixon was with his mistress at the Missouri State Fair when Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's Democrats eating their own right now that's so entertaining.

Anonymous said...

@9:15 *when Officer Wilson discharged his weapon during an attack by criminal suspect Mike Brown, who was fatally wounded.

There, fixed that for ya.

Greitens is a con man said...

Greitens is a little punk bitch that conned Shitheel voters. Fools one and all.