Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Here's the latest transportation petition initiative from Kansas City's most prolific gatherer of voter signatures. This time around, he's bringing back his proposal for aerial gondolas that were approved by voters nearly a decade ago but ultimately struck down without a voter funding mechanism by City Hall.

You decide . . .


Kansas City is now blanketed in a blizzard of public distrust, inept leadership, scandals and dumbfounding political confusion. It has blocked our way forward.

The 2018 Petition Initiative to build Kansas City a new Citywide "Green Transit System" will blow away this depressed state and give the people something to revitalize the City and their hopes around. And, it is just what destiny ordered in that...not only is this politically pure transit initiative needed and from and for the people, but it will also change the face of Kansas City, its quality of life and its fortunes by placing in the community's hands an edifying road map designed to lead this City to its long-awaited destiny as "the City Beautiful."

And unlike our dishonest-acting Mayor and his cohorts (the City's dubious-acting legal department) who would purposely mislead and seek to confuse voters (concerning previous transit petitions from the people), the following detailed petition ballot language is designed to make crystal clear what is being asked of the voters.
So, assuming Mayor Sly James and the City's legal department do not try, yet again, to deliberately deceive voters by changing the meaning and intent of a valid transit petition from the people (in order to manipulate the outcome of a Kansas City election), here is Kansas City's grassroots Plan of the Century voters will be asked to approve in November:


We the undersigned voters and citizens of Kansas City, Mo. hereby petition the City Council of Kansas City, Mo. to adopt the ordinance printed in full on the reverse side hereof and provide for submission of the following proposal to the voters of Kansas City, Mo. on the next available election date as may be provided by law:

Shall the City of Kansas City continue a 3/8-cent sales tax (currently used to partly fund the city’s diesel bus-based transit system) for 25-years to fund instead the construction, operation and maintenance of the following citywide “Green Transit System” (quiet, efficient and zero-emission):

1. “KC Smart Rail” (high-performance streetcars operating in… transit / cycling / walking “Greenway” corridor separated from traffic) beginning @ Union Station and ending @ the KC Zoo & Starlight Theatre with additional stops @…IRS Center, a new rejuvenated Penn Valley Park (Greenway displaces all vehicular traffic in new open green space park), Uptown Theatre, Westport, the Plaza, Nelson Art Gallery, UMKC, Rockhurst University @ Troost Ave. (Greenway displaces Troost roadway from 50th to Meyer), Brookside Neighborhood @ Troost and Research Medical Center @ Meyer Blvd. with the Greenway sharing road space with Pershing, Broadway, Rockhill, E. 50th, Starlight, Zoo and the medians of Cleaver & Meyer Blvd’s.; and

2. “KC Virtual Rail” (bus/train – like vehicle operating in dedicated lane with re-chargeable electric powertrain, tires and self-guidance system) beginning at Kansas City International Airport and ending @ Arrowhead Stadium (Park & Ride) & the Rock Island Rail Right-of-Way with additional stops @…Zona Rosa, Line Creek & the Interurban Right-of-Way, Vivion @ N. Oak, Burlington @ Armour, Sprint Center, Union Station, Children’s Mercy Hospital & Hallmark Cards @ Gilham, Costco @ Gilham, Hyde Park Neighborhood @ Armour Blvd., the eastside @ Prospect & Armour and the Veteran’s Medical Center @ Armour Blvd.; and

3. “KC Electric Buses” transport riders to “Rail” stations, autonomous (driverless) shuttle buses transport riders from “Rail” stations to their final (nearby) destinations and two non-stop express bus lines transport riders between KCI & Sprint Center and between Sprint Center & the Cerner Employment Center @ Bannister; and

4. “KC Urban Flyer” (fully-automated aerial gondolas) transport riders between the Downtown Convention Center / Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts / Union Station / Liberty Memorial and Penn Valley Park; and

Additionally, shall the City use the same 3/8-cent sales tax (before it expires) to begin funding the bus-oriented improvements outlined in the “Green Transit System,” and with the tax measure to finance bonds and secure federal transit and infrastructure improvement funds?

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can create a special taxing district of City Hall. ONly those who work at City Hall will be taxed both income and property to pay for this improvement.

Anonymous said...

Gondolas aren't any more ridiculous and wastes of tax money than most of the other crap that Sly and the gang have blown hundreds of millions on during the last five years.
And now there's a big new $1.5 billion honey pot of GO bond money to spread around without any accountability or results.
In a normal and well-run city, Chastain would be an anomaly and a fringe character.
In KCMO he's just another member of the clown show.

Anonymous said...

Will there be someone place for my skis on this gondola?

Anonymous said...

The guy really does have a mental problem.

Anonymous said...

I’m done with this fake-teeth petition-signing motherfucker. He never accomplishes anything.

Anonymous said...

Clay please go home and don't come back .

Why don't you do this where you live ?

Anonymous said...

Will the gondolas be bulletproof? I think if we build them they really need to be bulletproof. We also need an efficient mechanism to clean out the jizz.

Anonymous said...

great idea on first thought but how many people could these things carry?

Anonymous said...

They removed them from Worlds of Fun along time ago for all kinds of reasons.

Anonymous said...

He's like herpes, he won't go away

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Clay. Great Idea. Engineering is fabulous!! This one will WIN. Great idea.HOORAY

Anonymous said...

Why not a subway... seems to be the way in many famous cities.

Anonymous said...

Clay needs to buy Worlds of Fun