Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Kansas City Wednesday News Sitdown

Right now we offer tribute to Gemma hotness along with all of these Kansas City MSM news links . .

Kansas City Season Of Sickness Impact

Flu Outbreak Keeping Kansas City Area Firefighters And Paramedics Busy

We know that the flu outbreak around Kansas City is bad, and it's keeping doctors, emergency rooms and walk-in clinics hopping. But local firefighters and paramedics are also carrying more of the load. "I could say it's probably increasing our call volume by 25 to 30 calls a day," says Kansas City Fire Department Deputy Chief Tom Collins.

Cash To Stop Local Beat Downs

Kansas City Domestic Violence Court receives federal grant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Wednesday, the Public Safety Committee approved a $48,000 Department of Justice grant to be used by the Kansas City Domestic Violence Court. The Kansas City court is the first to receive this grant and honor by the Department of Justice.

Box Store Brandishing Bad Choice For Tattoo Dude

Wal-Mart weirdness in Kansas City lands man in federal prison

A man whose strange behavior led to his arrest at a Kansas City Wal-Mart last year has been sentenced to prison for illegal possession of a firearm. Jeremiah Flathers was sentenced Tuesday to five years and five months in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

KCPS Chatter Schedule Posted

Full list of Kansas City Public Schools' community conversations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Parents within the Kansas City Public Schools school district will soon have the opportunity to share their concerns in person with district leaders. Superintendent Mark Bedell will kick off his second tour of the city Thursday at the Lindwood YMCA.

Show-Me Doggie Distraction???

In Kansas City visit, Greitens endorses bill that strengthens penalties for assaults on police K-9s

During a visit to Kansas City on Wednesday, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced his support for a bill that would strengthen penalties for those who harm a law enforcement animal.

KC Footballer Foodie Profile

Former Chiefs player opens holistic coworking spa space (Photos)

With long hours and potent job stresses, entrepreneurs often are more mindful of their business's health than their own, said Joe Mays. The former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker teamed with his wife, Toyia, to open a coworking spa space within their holistic wellness venture, The Laya Center .

Fear New Kansas City Blue Brew

Boulevard Brewing introduces new year-round beer

Boulevard Brewing SOURCE: Boulevard Brewing Boulevard Brewing Company introduced a new year-round beer Wednesday, called Jam Band. The company said it will soon hit taps and shelves throughout its 39-state territory. The beer, which is a malt base, includes blueberry, raspberry and tart cherry.

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Great headline

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^^^ A$$h*ole here. Great comment!

Looks like he fixed it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why someone would think that guy at Walmart was carrying a gun.

Anonymous said...

Bet Boulevard's new beer tastes like the Donkey had diabetes.

Anonymous said...

All that money for a Domestic Violence court and I got a million bucks that says they will never prosecute a single cop for beating the shit out of his/her kin. ..even though they have been sweeping police domestic violence under the carpet for years.