Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Kansas City Wednesday News Look

Right now we meet the Kansas City news cycle head-on with inspiration from hottie Lindsey and her EPIC INTERNETS winning.

Another Kansas City Building Bubble

Stockyards business owners excited about new development

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People who work in the Stockyards District say the new development 'The Yards' is a pivotal addition to the area. Developers plan to break ground on the project in March. The project includes apartments and mixed-use spaces. --- Alyssa Donovan is a reporter.

Sunflower State Legend Decorated

Former Sen. Bob Dole honored with Congressional Gold Medal

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole is getting Congress' highest civilian honor on Wednesday. The Kansas Republican, a decorated World War II veteran and his party's 1996 presidential candidate, will receive the Congressional Gold Medal during a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda. President Donald Trump is expected to attend.

Show-Me Alleged Domestic Drama Meth Abduction & Assault

Man accused of jabbing boyfriend with hypodermic needles, holding him captive

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. -- A man in St. Louis County is accused of jabbing his boyfriend with hypodermic needles and holding him captive. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that two police officers were accidentally struck by needles while arresting the suspect, 38-year-old Brian Smith. He is charged with domestic assault, kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Medical Condition Crash Aftermath

Kansas City, KS woman dies in Westwood crash

A 67-year-old Kansas City, KS woman has died after a wreck Wednesday morning in Westwood. Police said the woman was found about 6 a.m. in her car north of the KU Dialysis center, 4720 Rainbow Blvd.

Tradition Of Bad Local TV Commercials Continues . . .

Bob Hamilton's son opens financial planning company - Kansas City Business Journal

Once Joel Hamilton got some experience under his belt as a financial planner and portfolio manager, it wasn't long before he succumbed to an entrepreneurial call ingrained in his roots. Joel Hamilton is the son of Bob Hamilton, founder of Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C and Rooter.

Local Political Generosity Documented

KC-area legislator donates kidney to wife

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Have a kidney? Leave a kidney. Need a kidney? Take a kidney. Well, almost. Missouri State Rep. J. Eggleston (R - District 2) posted on his Facebook page Wednesday morning that he's undergoing surgery to have one of his kidneys removed in an effort that will eventually help his wife receive a kidney.

Kansas City Chiefs Playing For Time

Is Dustin Colquitt coming back for a 14th season?

The Kansas City Chiefs will have decisions to make at a number of positions this offseason including ... punter? The Chiefs haven't thought about their punter situation since Dustin Colquitt came aboard in 2005 (the most tenured Chief behind DJ) but he is a free agent entering this offseason.

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Bob Hamilton Rocks!

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Viagra's Bob Dole Commercial rocks.

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Then you at 5:16 was never fucked on some plumbing job by him. Hamilton has sold out grabbed some cash before the bad news of his work caught up to him.

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Sucks that you can't read the whole Bob Hamilton article. Fuck the KC Biz Journal.

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when you call bob hamilton plumbing you have to furnish your own vaseoline

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He's been working for years. He's retirement ready. Good for him and his family.

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remember 913

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That's ok. Lindsey Pelas left a jar at my place last week.

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When all 3 triplets enrolled in my MBA tutoring program, I dropped all other students, to concentrate on fulfilling their needs!!!

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