Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Kansas City Wednesday Morning Look

They call her Jessica Cakes and she's the new queen of Instagram who we celebrate this morning along with a quick collection of news closer to home right now.

Take a look:

Kansas City Career Transition Inspiration

Lamonte McIntyre moves on with life after exoneration in KCK double murder

Lamonte McIntyre said he is living his dream three months after his exoneration for a double murder he did not commit. He spent 23 years in prison. Now, McIntyre is going full time to Headlines Barber Academy thanks to a scholarship.

Naming The Local Dead

KCK police identify third victim of fatal fire from December

Police have identified the third victim of a deadly house fire that happened in December 2017. Kevin McBride, 53, was one of three people found dead inside a house in the 800 block of Troup Avenue. Firefighters in KCK discovered the remains of three bodies after putting out the fire.

Urban Core Reconstruction Underway
Paseo Gateway Project continues as Chouteau Courts vacated
Local Flu Season Run On Big Pharma

As flu epidemic spreads, popular medication Tamiflu gets hard to find at metro pharmacies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The flu is still running rampant around the Kansas City metro area. Making matters worse, the most popular medication to treat the virus is getting harder to find. With the flu so bad, Tamiflu is flying off shelves, so FOX4 did some digging to find out what you should do if you can't find the medicine at your local pharmacy.

Favorite KC Fanboy Phrases Revealed

10 things all Chiefs fans say

Being a Chiefs fan isn't easy-it involves a great deal of pain and heartbreak, and even as recently as a few weeks ago, a general lack of playoff success. So, with that in mind, I thought it might be fun to sit down with Joel in order to come up with the top 10 things Chiefs fans say, as of right now.

Kansas City Tromboner Fun Fact!!!

This instrument headed to the Super Bowl is a work of art, and it was made in KC

It's the first Trombone to have built-in lights...and more.

Savor Kansas City Hipster Snack News

Order Up | Torn Label's Monk & Honey and M&M Bakery's Snickerdoodle

Order Up is a regular series that takes a layered look at drinks and eats across Kansas City. Click here to check out the other eats and drinks in the series. Got a dish you think we should feature? Drop us a note below or on Twitter @FlatlandKC.

Kygo - This Town (Lyric) ft. Sasha Sloan is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Will Paseo Gateway be finished before Mission Gateway?

Chiefs Fan said...

You fucking suck

Anonymous said...

By now you probably gone off to fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

M&M Bakery is in the ghetto but man do they have good food and deserts! Watch out for the ghetto peeps and don’t lean on the counters or you’ll get yelled at! Lol!

Anonymous said...


Before beginning our session, I went over the ground rules with Jessica, including:
"If at any time you feel uncomfortable or need to take a break, just say F-Stop!!!"

Anonymous said...

If you get the flu save your money, don't use Tamiflu, just take a double shot of Bourbon and two Aspirin every night for four months, and you'll be fine.