Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Kansas City Tuesday News Smile

We check the midday news and take a look at all the worthwhile links whilst giving tribute to Tessa and her happy hotness. Read more:

Kansas City Double Play Talk

What Lorenzo Cain's departure, Alcides Escobar's return mean for Kansas City

As the Kansas City Royals maneuver their way through a period of transition, the 2018 team is slowly starting to take shape with spring training only weeks away. After going three months with little-to-no news about any of the five coveted Kansas City Royals free agents, two fan favorites have signed along the bottom line, just days apart.

Teachable Moment Coming Soon???

Greitens wants more charters. Will that choke the life out of KC district schools?

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens wants more charter schools in the state, so much so that he kicked off a political brawl trying to replace the head of the state board of education with a charter schools supporter.

Dead-Tree Media Talk

Alternative Newspapers; Improving Parks In Wyandotte

Alternative newspapers offer a unique perspective on the news, events and culture of a city. But how are they handling an era where print media struggles? Today, we look at the role alt-weeklies/monthlies play both here in Kansas City and across the nation.

Show-Me Tax Boost Or Bust???

Greitens hopes $800 million in tax cuts will turbocharge the Missouri economy

MACON, Mo. * Gov. Eric Greitens announced on Monday a plan to cut individual and corporate tax rates by an estimated $800 million. The Republican governor's tax overhaul would reduce the state's top individual income tax rate by 10 percent and reduce the corporate income tax rate by nearly one-third.

Greg Orman Doppelganger Event???

Mark Ruffalo leads counter-event to State of the Union

Celebrities and activists have taken part in an evening of speeches and music in Manhattan billed as "The People's State of the Union." Monday's event was planned in response to President Donald Trump 's first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Faith In Kansas City Cinema

An interfaith film festival in KC: 1-30-18

As I mentioned yesterday here on the blog, World Interfaith Harmony Week starts Thursday. And the good news for folks in the Kansas City area is that there's a film festival to mark the occasion. The festival is sponsored by...

Kansas City QB End Game

Alex Smith says Browns have nowhere to go but up, talks trade rumors with Dan Patrick

There's no doubt about it. Alex Smith is making the rounds at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. He apparently will be on the popular podcast, Pardon My Take, later this week, and he joined the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Close all the kcmo schools and watch the coloreds go flipping crazy! That means no more free breakfast, lunch and dinners and no more after school free babysitting, the horror!!!

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A dreamer is a character from a John Lennon song, these others are illegal aliens.