Saturday, January 06, 2018

The Kansas City Saturday Morning Look

We start this morning with hottie Denise and move forward from there in order to highlight some of the most important Kansas City news links for right now . . .

Kansas City Morning Fire Report

2 escape house fire early Saturday in KC

A house fire early Saturday near 56th Street and Jaudon Avenue force two people out in the cold.

Kansas City Newsmaker Conversation
Northeast Newscast Episode 38 - turning the microphone on host Paul Thompson
Local Public Radio Teaching Moment

Why Med Students Are Doing Poverty Simulations, And Ways To Stop Harassment In Kansas Legislature

The challenges of life in poverty are diverse, and can be hard to grasp for people who haven't lived it themselves. Today, we learn how future health care

Kansas City Foodie Seriousness

Cafe Provence chef Quillec talks family restaurant, inspiration - Kansas City Business Journal

Growing up, Philip Quillec "lived all over the place" as his father pursued executive chef positions or opened restaurants of his own. At times it was challenging: "Not only are you new, but your last name's Quillec, which nobody can pronounce." But it also built character, he said.

Local Booze News Again

BKS Artisan Ales takes measured approach with nano-brewery concept

It takes only about an hour for BKS Artisan Ales to sell out of its packaged bottles and cans each Saturday afternoon, Brian Rooney said. "We thought it would be great if maybe 40 people came in and maybe each of those 40 took a beer home," said Rooney, a craft brewer who owns and operates the Brookside East startup with his wife, Mary.

Upper Class Kansas City Reading List

R. Crosby Kemper III: What I'm watching in 2018 - Kansas City Business Journal

Rather than tell you what we will be paying attention to in the year ahead, we asked civic and business leaders to share what they anticipate being on their radar in 2018. As head of the Kansas City Public Library, former banker R.

Kansas City Saturday Swan Song

This is Alex Smith's last chance to make a legacy with the Chiefs

In five seasons as the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs, Alex Smith has led the team to a 50-26 record with trips to the postseason in four of those five years. He's thrown 102 touchdown passes with just 33 interceptions, and his 94.8 passer rating since 2013 is top 10 in the NFL over that span.

Marshmello - Love U is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't we have Crosby Kemper as Mayor instead of sly?

Couldn't be any worse and would probably be a hell of an improvement.

Anonymous said...

kemper really would be a good mayor. he’d be serious and acting in good faith, with no interest in money or personal fame.

would that deus ex machina he becomes mayor!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't live here -
Too smart to take the job-
Possibly too honest-
Not Black or a Woman (the office now belongs to one or the other)-
Rich enough already, doesn't need any "little white envelopes"-

Obviously can't be Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Why yes, Denise, they ARE delightful!