Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek News Sit Down

Tonight we celebrate the hotness of sexy Sophie and check some of the top news links right now . . .

Meet The New Cerner Boss

Cerner Names New CEO, Chairman

Kansas City-based Cerner Corporation announced Wednesday that Brent Shafer will become its new CEO and chairman of the board of directors. Shafer was previously CEO of Philips North America and had been CEO of the global Philips Home Healthcare Solutions business from 2010 until 2014. Shafer will start in the position on February 1st.

Celebrate Kansas City Hobo Truck

Swope Mobile offers one stop shop for medical care for homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Swope Mobile serves as a mobile medical clinic, offering healthcare to those experiencing homelessness and who may not have transportation to get the medical attention they need. The mobile clinic goes out three days a week. With the cold temperatures, nurse practitioners said they've seen many patients come in with frostbite.

Kansas City Stock RAGE Today

Suitor makes $5.6 billion offer for DST Systems: Reuters - Kansas City Business Journal

DST Systems Inc. - the Kansas City area's 13th-biggest public company - received a buyout offer worth $5.6 billion, according to a news report. The offer, if true, would represent a 29 percent premium to the company's opening price on Jan. 10.

KCK Politico Switcheroo Report

New KCK mayor not shying away from problems facing city

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- On his first day in office, new Wyandotte County Mayor and CEO of the Unified Government, David Alvey is spending his time pouring over the County Manual and wrapping his arms around the job in front of him. David Alvey has deep roots in Wyandotte County politics that date back to the mid 1800s.

Talking Cold Weather KC Issues

Keeping Exotic Animals Warm At Kansas City Zoo, And A Kansas Legislature Preview

If you're native to, say, the deserts of North Africa, a winter in Kansas City can be a shock to your system. You can combat the cold with layers of warm clothing, by turning up the thermostat or having a hot drink, but what if you're not human and your home is the Kansas City Zoo?

Pitch Axes KCMO Question

Getting a handle on Blade and Timber, the area's first ax-throwing club

Photo by Chase Castor You don't have to be a Game of Thrones obsessive or a red-state Democrat to grasp an elemental truth: There's no mood elevator more immediate than picking up an ax with both hands, raising it above your head, taking aim and hurling it with all your might.

Another Season Of Hype 2018

Kansas City Royals announce 2018 regular season schedule

Opening Day scheduled for March 29

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Why hasn't the WYCO DA weighed in on the allegatiions of Fire Deptartment Wage Theft?

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