Friday, January 05, 2018

The Kansas City Friday Roundup Look

We roundup some of today's top Kansas City content with tribute to Siri and a memory of her legacy on the pr0n game. Take a peek:

Tragic Kansas City Homeless Testimony

Homeless man finds friend frozen to death on New Year's Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Another frigid night and Kansas City's homeless sought warmth, be it through the heat of a fire, a hot meal or a warm beverage. The bitter cold brings consequences that are at times - deadly. James McGlothin is now dealing with the aftermath.

KCMO Dead-Tree Weed Report

Caught with pot in KC? You can get a lawyer, despite warnings to the contrary

When a new law eliminating jail time for marijuana possession in Kansas City went to a vote last year, some city leaders warned of unintended consequences. With jail time off the table, it was said, defendants would no longer be eligible for a defense attorney from Legal Aid of Western Missouri.

Local Hipster Bright Side Art For Our Beloved Kansas City Clock Watchers

Hello Atelier | A Sunny Outlook

Your browser does not support the audio element. Seth Smith is a landlocked Midwesterner. The only sea surrounding him is a majestic ocean of gently waving green fields. But that is just where he is physically. Mentally, he has time-traveled back 50 years, to a rosy-colored mid-century hotel with a deep turquoise pool.

Fanboy Celebration List

Royals announce list of players taking part in FanFest

The Kansas City Royals released the names of players scheduled to attend the 2018 Royals FanFest later this month. Royals FanFest is set for Jan. 26 and Jan. 27 at Kansas City Convention Center's Bartle Hall.

Local Gym Update For New Year

North Kansas City YMCA celebrates renovations

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's Fitness Friday, and the North Kansas City YMCA is in celebration mode. Thanks to a 15,000-square-foot expansion of the facility at 19th and Iron Street, nearly 10,000 members will be able to take on 2018 healthier and more fit than ever.

Kansas City Artsy Packing Product

Working In 'Magical' Cardboard, A Kansas Artist Finds Herself In A Universal Box

Cardboard has a smell. You notice it as soon as you walk into the glass-encased Kansas Focus Gallery at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, where eight of May Tveit 's cardboard sculptures emerge from the walls like sentries, layers of flat, precision-cut cardboard stacked into pyramids arranged in various rectangles.

The Local Weekend Forecast

First Alert: Not as cold this weekend, but wintry mix possible Sunday

It's not going to be as cold this weekend. Temperatures will near the freezing mark for Saturday's big game. A wintry mix is possible Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Siri asked "Does this fat make my ass look big?"

Anonymous said...

"Caught with pot in KC? You can get a lawyer, despite warnings to the contrary"

If the story is right and 70 percent of pot head drug offenders are Black then we really do need drug testing for all benefits recipients under social welfare programs. Otherwise, one way or another, your tax dollars are buying these dregs thier drugs while good ol' KC cashes in.

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete my Siri caption?

Geez! Try to bring some good humor to the comment section and it gets deleted. Hopefully that was some kind of technical glitch.