Friday, January 12, 2018

The Kansas City Friday News Finish

Tonight we celebrate a lot of news along with the ultimate triumph of Lucy hotness and her body acceptance goodness that inspires our review of Kansas City local news right now.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Binging Starts Now

Kansas City Restaurant Week 2018 | Guide To First-Timers

Not sure where to kick off 2018 Kansas City Restaurant Week? Try starting at the beginning: 1889 Pizza Napolitana (2876 W. 47th Ave., Kansas City, Kansas,) nabbed the top slot on a list of 191 participating restaurants.

Sunflower State Smoke Break

Judge Temporarily Blocks Topeka From Raising Its Tobacco-Buying Age

A Shawnee County District Court judge has temporarily blocked an ordinance that raises the tobacco buying age in Topeka to 21. The ruling comes after two Topeka businesses, with the assistance of the Kansas Vapers Association, filed a lawsuit this week challenging the ordinance, which was scheduled to go into effect Thursday.

Rock Chalk Nasty Charge

Man in custody for alleged rape at KU hospital

A 35-year-old man has been charged with committing a sexual assault in November at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. Joshua Ryan Johnson is charged in Wyandotte County District Court with raping a victim who was unconscious or physically powerless. The alleged crime occurred on on Nov.

Worthwhile KC Biz Lady Treatise

Beyond Collisions: KCSourceLink duo craft book to build ecosystems

When you've worked more than 15 years cultivating an entrepreneurial community, you're bound to pick up a wealth of tools and insight. And in the case of Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel, the duo's experience and knowledge have coalesced into that aims to provide cities a guide for how to broadly support entrepreneurs.

Pitch Talks Community

Sara Copeland, NKC's community development director, declares herself excited about Armour Road in The Pitch's Questionnaire

Zach Bauman Twitter handle: @skcopeland Hometown: Nevada, Missouri. For those of you who aren't from southwest Missouri, it's pronounced Ne-VAY-duh. Current neighborhood: Waldo What I do (in 140 characters or less): I work to position NKC for the future. Right now, my days are full of redevelopment plans, complete street projects and parking studies.

Journalism Naval Gazing

Why did KMOV air Gov. Greitens' affair story? TV reporter, St. Louis Public Radio editor discuss

Should the news media have published a story about Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' extramarital affair and his alleged blackmail of a woman? On Friday's Behind the Headlines segment, St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh discussed journalism ethics and the process of reporting the affair with Lauren Trager, KMOV's investigative reporter who broke the story, and with Shula Neuman, St.

Kansas City Reconsideration

Alex Smith headed to the Pro Bowl after all

Alex Smith should have been named to the 2018 Pro Bowl anyway but he was an alternate. With Chargers QB Philip Rivers not playing in the game, the Chiefs announced that Alex will be taking his spot. Good for him. He deserves it after an outstanding 4,00-yard, 26 touchdown to five interception season.

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My drunkest, biggest mistake in college was nowhere near as fat as that hog in the picture. Lots of hot girls out there with pictures that don't weigh 200 lbs.

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