Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Kansas City Early Morning #TBT Grab

Let's start the news cycle with hottie Lucy from what seems like so long ago and all of these Kansas City MSM links that are worth a peek right now.


Tech Unwelcome In Kansas City???

Kansas City discusses new rules for AirBNB

There is still no decision about what Kansas City wants to do about short term renters like people who use their homes for AirBNB.

Public Radio Market Maker Promo

How The Kansas City Fed Works With Urban And Rural Communities To Grow Business

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, part of the nation's central banking system, is perhaps best known as a key provider of agricultural economic data. Its president helps set national interest rates. It works with banks. But the bank also promotes economic growth in its 10-state region.

Golden Ghetto Getting Angry

Authorities investigate 2 separate road rage cases in Johnson County

There were scary moments for drivers in two different parts of Johnson County when road rage went beyond angry words or gestures. Police in Overland Park investigated after gunshots were fired at a vehicle on westbound Interstate 435 just west of Mission Road at around 5 p.m.

Lesson In Secrecy

High levels of cancer-causing radon gas found in KC elementary school but parents not notified

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Parents and staffers at one local elementary school say there's something foul in the air. A statement from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services confirmed high levels of radon gas at Warford Elementary School.

Kansas City Theater Complaints Cont'd

Theater-goers say 'Hamilton' has driven up demand, and price for season tickets

Some ticket holders say the show is worth it.

Middle-Class Enclave Good Times

The Bar West Plaza Has Quickly Become One of the Plaza's Most Popular Sports Bars

Last fall, Kit and Ryan Boje of Journeyman CafĂ© opted to close their 1½-year-old restaurant's doors in favor of the opportunity to take the space in an entirely different direction. The brothers partnered with Barry Wiser, a local restaurateur known for opening two local sports bars: The Bar in Mission, Kansas, and The Bar West in Shawnee, Kansas.

Meth Town Old School Science Revealed

19th century botanist logged Jackson County's flora

"There is not a weed growing on God's footstool that is not good for something."The Independence Examiner printed that 84 years ago. The statement is from Frank Bush, an Independence native who became one of the foremost botanists of his day. The article was written by James A.

The Cranberries - Linger is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

classic booty.

Anonymous said...

I understand the next big Broadway Production to hit town is even more sensitive to the concept of "diversity" in THE THEATRE world, it's a traveling road show revival of "Porgy And Bess", with Ariana Grande and Zach Efron in the starring roles!

Since the "Theatah" Folks are so committed to the idea of "colorblind" and "innovative" casting, and since the African American Community has made a point of demanding racial equality in all things, I'm certain they will support this production completely.

Likewise, the 2019 productions of "The Emperor Jones" starring Tom Cruise and of "The Women" with an all-male cast will also garner the full support of both communities, since anything else would be sheer hypocrisy on their part.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yawn. Dullard. Change your diaper. You stink.

Anonymous said...

Journeyman Failed, no surprise there so it was replaced with a run of the mill half baked shit hole suburban sports bar.