Monday, January 15, 2018

The Kansas City Early Monday Link Smile

We start this quick morning link look with Cha Cha hotness and then take a peek at some first news for right now . . .

Check The Downtown KCMO Agenda

'Color Purple,' Seinfeld add bite to Restaurant Week

KC Restaurant Week, with a side of Seinfeld and a 'Color Purple' garnish, tops a tasty and colorful stretch of arts and entertainment in Downtown KC over the week ahead - Monday to Sunday, Jan.

Kansas City Help After Homicides

Brunch fundraiser held to help family who lost both parents to homicide


KC Talks Death Penalty

Men exonerated from death row hope for change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two men who spent years on death row for crimes they did not commit hope to sway change when it comes to the death penalty in Missouri. When a fellow inmate was killed at Moberly Correctional Center in 1983, Reggie Griffin was charged with his crime.

Local Nuke Scare Lesson
2 Kansas City students in Hawaii during alert: 38 minutes were 'most frightening' of their lives
Kansas City Off-Season Critic

Marcus Peters Calls Out Marcus Williams Over Missed Tackle

The New Orleans Saints season came to an end in heartbreaking fashion Sunday, as the team lost to the Minnesota Vikings on Stefon Diggs' 61-yard touchdown catch as time expired. Safety Marcus Williams had a chance to tackle Diggs as the wide receiver looked to make the catch, but he missed, and with that, Diggs had a free run to the end zone.

Golden Ghetto Against Noise

After years of train horns, Shawnee neighborhood raises money for peace and quiet

89 times a day, trains roll by Nick Renk's front yard. "If the train's heavy then the windows will shake a little bit," Renk said. "It's just a loud, loud horn." For years, 73rd and Martindale in Shawnee has dealt with the nearly constant noise.

Kansas City Winter Morning Warning

Winter weather, wind chill advisories in place for Kansas City

Our next round of snow is moving into the metro. There is a Winter Weather Advisory out for all counties south of Highway 36. Related coverage: Semi flips on its side as slick roads cause wrecks in metro Like Saturday night, snowfall amounts that will be less than two inches, but enough snow to impact area roads.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

cha cha cozy!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea! Scare the shit out of you and prepare to be a shithole country. Whoops mistake. Add under ware to checklist. Ha, Pretty Funny.

Hyperblogal said...

So, you buy a house near train tracks and then complain about the noise.

Anonymous said...

Black Tits and Ass Matter?

Did she even finish high school?
Started modeling at age 12 because that's what her mother did, dates athletes/celebrities, dumb as a rock.

Not exactly a role model for youth.

Anonymous said...

And the train tracks were there for many years, before there were houses around.

So these people moved here knowing that the tracks were there.

Am I supposed to cry for them?

Bowtied Silverback said...

Marcus Peters of all people calling out someone for missing a tackle his ass got ate up on Twitter for that.

Anonymous said...

Trump has broken the military so badly that they can't tell when we're under attack.

Anonymous said...

Trump & White House totally blew it.

Within minutes of the HI alert, they needed to be addressing and taking command of the situation. They must be on the air immediately, either giving instructions on how to prepare for an attack with a real-time updates, or issuing an all-clear and retraction.

There is no excuse to sit there and do nothing. NONE. Golden shower boy is proving pathetic as commander-in-chief. He was probably hiding in a corner, worried that Hawaii was going to be turned into some kind of shithole he hates.

At least flash us the George W Bush deer in the headlight look as acknowledgement. You know, the one he displayed in a classroom during the opening minutes of the 9/11 attack.