Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Disagree or not, here's a look at the GAME PLAN AGAINST THE KANSAS CITY TOY TRAIN . . . Meanwhile, the real battle for the future of this transit experiment is the total lack of federal funds so far.

Nevertheless, here's a great perspective from locals who SUCCESSFULLY argued for citywide input into KC streetcar future.

CFRG: You can stop Streetcar Expansion

Are you frustrated by the phony, rigged streetcar TDD election which equates to voter disenfranchisement or even worse voter fraud? Are you mad about ten members of the City Council overturning part of your vote to stop any further streetcar expansion without a public vote and keep the city from engaging in planning at taxpayer costs? Well there is still something you can do about it.

At the State level HB 1234 to rewrite the way TDD elections are handled is still alive and well in Jefferson City. Representative Stacy is reworking the bill in an effort to get it out of committee. You can contact the Election and Elected Officials Committee (we put that list out last week) and the Secretary of State’s office and let them know how you feel.

John Ashcroft , SOS, 600 W. Main St., Jefferson City, MO 65101;; PH 573-751-4936;; John.Ashcroft@sos.mo.gov Tell him how disappointed you are with City Government in Kansas City. The City bends the law to suit their own needs without any regard for what the taxpayers want. Tell him how unfair the TDD election process is.

At the Federal level: You can take your protest further by contacting Missouri Senators and Congressional Representatives and let them know. (Listing below) You can also ask them to talk to anyone in the government who might have a say on whether KCMO gets funding for streetcar expansion. Ask them to step in and stop it. Tell them the voters don’t want it. Representative Sam Graves is on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He is a definite MUST contact. Elaine Chao is the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Her address is 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE; Washington, DC 20590.

Congressional Representatives will usually only answer emails for constituents in their district. But anyone can call or write them. You have to go to their website to contact them on the internet. Go to www.USA.GOV Then type in Congressional Representatives. Senators are the same way. Neither like to get emails except thru their websites but again you can call them on the phone or write them.

If the funding is shut down, the streetcar is shut down. Streetcar advocates are threatening to go after public / private funding for future expansion. Good Luck with that, the last six companies who owned the KCMO streetcar business all went broke.


Anonymous said...

Here's my problem with the streetcar.

It's a great idea but there is no objective measure of it's success.

All of the information that we get is from City Hall or an economic development agency like the Downtown Council. The newspaper? Forget it. They just publish press releases.

It's all just a lot of hype.

Anonymous said...

KC streetcar = Scam

Anonymous said...

I look around Downtown and I see some good stuff happening but this "gold rush" mentality has got to go. It's irresponsible. When I see people talk about more residents in downtown and new business, that's a good thing.

But isn't is possible that would've happened with or without the streetcar?

Greedo said...

^^^ Not just possible but likely.

Anonymous said...

The streetcar is best used to keep the homeless warm at night.

Anonymous said...

You can also ask them to talk to anyone in the government who might have a say on weather...

Would that be the National Whether Service? I called them and they sounded confused when I talked about the streetcar.


My point? Proper use of the language is important.

When you can't differentiate between weather and whether, you look like morons.

Greedo said...

^^^ Grammar Nazi much?

Seems like their heart is in the right place and they are sharing some good information.

Meanwhile, you're correcting spelling on the Internet.

Good luck with that.

Go4KC said...

The obstruction against the streetcar does not make sense!

Why are you against better transportation and access for all people to enjoy our beautiful Downtown KC?

It seems like a great deal of the Question 1 vote was unconstitutional and should not stop the great momentum we are building to improve our Kansas City and show the world that we are a great town and one of the best places in the nation!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Give it a rest with that garbage. Sly doesn't pay you enough to work so late into the night.

Anonymous said...

Go4KC - You seem like a nice person but you are HORRIBLY mistaken about how politics in KC works, if you aren't just a consultant.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, empty pep rally sloganeering.

It would be harmless if it wasn't so expensive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Go4KC, it's that great Killa City MOMENTUM bursting through water mains, crumbling roads and bridges, failing public schools, losing Plaza merchants, and more.

Anonymous said...

I guess 8:50's point flew right over your full diaper. Well, I'll go nice and slow, gramps:









Anonymous said...

So obviously Tony is editing CFRG's releases now. Wonder how that pays.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it pays better than your gig sucking those penises at City Hall? A tad cleaner?

Anonymous said...

Well, ok. Good job. Get back to grading those third grade reading assignments while the rest of us chat, ok dollface?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the citizens of KC already make this decision with a vote?
Why do we have to continue fighting this BS.

Just like the Right To Work issue was decided by the state vote, yet it still isn't decided according to state lawmakers.

Why do we have to do everything more than once?
BC the plan is to persuade voters to just not vote in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Run it to the Plaza/UMKC and charge a couple bucks to ride it. Denver started out with a similar line and the city can't get enough of light rail now. It's always expanding. Or just continue to think small town like a midwest hayseed.

Anonymous said...

Portland was caught overinflating their ridership numbers by 19% or over a million rides until they got caught by an independent audit. Time for the KC Streetcar to have an independent, non-city, audit of ridership. Stop the lies. http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2014/12/portland_streetcar_annual_ride.html