Saturday, January 27, 2018

Steve Rose Asks: Prez Trump Helps Or Hurts Congressman Yoder Reelection?!?!

This golden ghetto insider seems to sense demographic shifts inside the 3rd district could endanger one of the most popular incumbents in the metro. Read more:

Could Trump drag down Kevin Yoder's bid for re-election?

Kevin Yoder admits his poll numbers are down, and the reason is President Donald Trump. Kansas' 3rd District congressman - representing mostly Johnson and Wyandotte Counties - wouldn't share with me all the details of his polling, but it was clear from our conversation that his numbers must be down enough to have him concerned.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yoder is a lifer.

Anonymous said...

Yoder is Kansas version of Paul Ryan; just waiting to be told who he's supposed to bend over for next.

Anonymous said...

Rose has to ask because he is too stupid to figure it out himself.

Anonymous said...

7:36 & 7:55 nailed it.

Anonymous said...

"steve rose" soon as I seen that, I didn't even waste time reading it. Damn, I didn't know that BOZO was still around?

Anonymous said...

A large white space on the Star's editorial page would be better than a Rose column.

Anonymous said...

So far teh only folks Trump has hurt are criminals. I guess that would be of concern to Rose the libtard.

Tracy Thomas said...

Steve Rose, who inherited Daddy's money from the Sun Newspaper now dead dynasty, but none of Stan Rose's smarts, never went to J School.

Daddy's boy slithered his way into a perceived reputation as Mr. Joco by kissing the butts of every elected official, oh yeah and the Joco president who was the Harvey Weinstein of College Blvd.

Steverino's lame columns are factually inaccurate. Every Yoder poll DOES contrast Yoder's stands to prospective Dem. opponents. I know. I take those phone polls every week. So get your facts straight before you opine, Steve.

Rose whines like a PV snowflake about the Tax Cut bill benefiting the rich (which would be him, not by salary but by inheritance of $13 million it is rumored)...yet fails to mention the average $2000 tax cut for the middle class.

And then in typical Rose fashion, after the bashing, admitting he will probably vote for Yoder.

Yoder does a great job representing us. He's on the powerful House Appropriations Committee--whereas Dennis Moore once named a little post office--his only legislation in three terms.

Anonymous said...

You just have to hope that someday the Star will sell enough of its 90 cent special subscription deals to finally have enough money to buy out Rose's contract and send him back to Mission Hills.
Tracy's comments are right on the money. Rose always worked so hard to make believe he was one of the Downtown Chamber swells, but never quite made the cut.
Completely out of touch with what's going on in Johnson County. And that's too bad, because the Star could use some much better coverage of such an important player in the region.
Poor ole Horsely hasn't even figured out the street system yet!

Anonymous said...

Yoder is a card carrying member of the DC swamp.

He is so comfortable in the water, that he has a hard earned reputation for skinny dipping.

The borrow and spend Yoder just voted for $1.5 Trillion in new deficits.

Time to impose term limits on him in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Rose's Star opinion write-up appearing on a Mothers' Day about "Emily", the JoCo welfare queen, was a real gem. He portrayed her as an aid funds grabbing mom of four, while each kiddie is born of separate and non-supporting babydaddies.

So, Steve where's your follow-up column explaining how FOUR deadbeats were able to foist support of their kiddies onto taxpayers? And, publishing it on Fathers' Day would be fitting, huh? Perhaps, Kansas SRS doesn't appreciate Rose making up such FUBAR fiction,as though they're unable, or unwilling to enforce child support on these FOUR who failed their dependents.