Monday, January 29, 2018


Here's a dire economic forecast by our favorite number crunchers who argue for a supply-side approach and lower levies all around. Read more:

The Financial State of Missouri Cities

It won't be a surprise to readers of this blog that Kansas City and St. Louis are in bad financial shape. Taxes and debt are both high. But a recent study of American cities finds that things may be even worse than we thought.

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Anonymous said...

I wish someone with the know how, Patrick Tuohey, would compile a report of how much money in form of tax incentives, City administrators have given away for development in last 30 - 50 years.

This way we'd know exactly which administration has been the worst and best at fiscal responsibility to the City and her citizens.

We could also use it for campaign knowledge in upcoming aspiring elections.

Wouldn't this be great?
Probably wouldn't stop anybody(sLie) from getting elected.